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It’s all about lucky Jupiter in Pisces from May 15th, to suddenly turn you on with such exuberant, positive lust for life for the coming year…

So your new mood this month is to charge around with indominable spunky swagger, which is so energising and you just know it’s time to feel good about being you!

And as fun as this is there is also a broader dimension to this astro: Your mystic ruler Neptune, at home in Pisces from 2011-2025 is an extended period to awaken your full cosmic, spiritually switched on, compassionate, creative, mystical, bafflingly brilliant nature. Because no one really knows how you swan around living that creative, magical life you do, but you are getting even better at it with Neptune in the house!

And Jupiter magnifies this massively; beginning mid-May and only becoming more spectacular re shining your light in the world as Jupiter & Neptune cruise toward an exact conjunction, exact by April 2022. So how good is the coming year, for extravagant confidence & meaningful personal growth? Divine.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 12th in your ideas &comms sector trines Pluto in your friends & networking sector. For a clear perspective on how to express what you believe, and how this aligns you with the tribe who get you. Especially with Mars in your talent sector square Chiron, where the vulnerability to reveal your true self is the most powerful kind of confidence right?

Then the Full Moon of the 26th in your biz sector squares Jupiter fresh in your sign, to imbue your current gig or career plan with fab instincts for professional growth.

And love? Venus on the Destiny Point around the 18th is special for sweet romance with your shacked up lover -or maybe a hot date on home turf is super promising?


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