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It’s all about Saturn into Pisces from March 7th, for the next 2.5 years, so let’s talk about that:

As such a cosmic creature, you’re turned on by ineffable spiritual & creative yearnings. And so innately compassionate, you tend to spend a lot of time looking after other people-sometimes blurring your own emotional boundaries? And do admit, can be quite the slippery/evasive escape artist; when certain control freaks try to take advantage of your kindness -or just for the wriggle room, to be louche and indulge your weird pleasures when no one watching, lol.

I describe you thus; to point out how normally, you’re not the sign most likely to appreciate Saturnian vibes. The hard nosed discipline, accountability to boring rules and firm interpersonal boundaries tend to feel so restrictive, right? So does Saturn, turning up in your sign cramp your style or what?

Well there is a sense of compression initially; as you come to terms with a new sense of gravitas about every little decision, and accountability to follow through…annoying much? Yes, but you are wise enough to get the benefits of embracing Saturn, for the next few years.

The exact kind of fierce discipline, valiant patience with stupid delays, unwavering integrity-even when having to play the game in the ‘straight world’ or healthy boundaries with certain control freaks required here; that feels challenging to begin with, is about to become your superpower! Pisces as the most respectable, respected, magical manifesting, slow burning success machine of all… yes you are totally onto it.

Meanwhile just in time for the Full Moon of March 7th, in your love sector. With Saturn in Pisces joining a Mercury/Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, opposite this Moon. You suddenly get emotional clarity from your partner, lover or potential crush. And your response is a combination of the following;

-Saturn says keep the emotional boundaries clear. If there is real commitment make it work, or if it doesn’t feel real fuq it off.

-Mercury says clever communication is key. The subtle nuance of romantic conversations are easier to read, to the extent you think carefully about how you feel, and express yourself clearly.

-The Sun is your beautiful self, basking in the glow of someone you care about seeing who you truly are. Or if they don’t get it, shining like a crazy diamond anyway-because you can.

-Neptune is the fine line between divine soulmating chemistry -you are so ready to surf the bliss of true love. Or batshit crazy crush/weird emo with your partner -you need to detach from?

Gosh it seems your first Saturn lesson is emotional intelligence early March, to get a handle on your love life & relational dynamics. Well done, sorting that out as best you can.

Then the New Moon of March 22nd, in your 2nd house of personal wealth & security:

-Conjunct Mercury, with Chiron/Jupiter conjunct also in your 2nd house. Clever financial strategies, that also take into account the fulfilment that comes with embracing your most expansive dreams. With Mars in your talent sector from March 25th, you appreciate the chance to monetise your most exciting creative buzz.

-Especially conjunct Neptune in Pisces, to remember what a spooky magical manifestor you are, the more you remain true to your dreams.

-Because Pluto in your home turf, the spooky 12th house has your dreams so potentially lucrative-potentially long term!

-Trine Bitch Lilith in your work sector. The more you can be uniquely talented on the day job, you might stir things up-but that’s the thrill you’re after right?


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