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Saturn in your soul sector is kind of a thing this month, caught between Pluto & Neptune:

-Pluto retrograde in your social sector is digging deep to how you feel about your tribe -are you empowered & excited by the peeps you hang out with, or is it time to shed some so-called friends you can no longer be authentic with?

Especially the Full Moon of July 14th on Pluto. Opposite Mercury, productive Ceres & the Sun shining in your talent/self expression sector; it’s a chance to have fun doing stuff that makes you feel alive, and the people who appreciate your vibe love you for it. You may be phoenixing into a new sense of your place in the social scene around you, which feels so good huh?

-Your spooky ruler Neptune, retrograde in your sign. The magical vibes you live by are either super inspired, as you raise your frequency by being prepared to clean up your act & REALLY live according to your beautiful intentions.

Or losing faith in certain dreams, because they are taking too long to manifest…and tempted to wonk out with delusional distractions or naughty indulgence instead?

So Saturn keeps you honest. It’s all about the spiritual discipline to tune into your inner muse, with the self-awareness to better to understand what really, truly matters to you. This brings the famous Saturn strength of character, with the integrity to make any life choices coming up accordingly. Nice one!

Especially by the New Moon of July 29th in your work/lifestyle sector. On productive Ceres You are so onto practical, healthy choices for daily wellbeing. And trine lucky Jupiter in your income sector, an efficient work ethic, that can be monetised if you play your cards right professionally. So that’s something to look forward to.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 14th, on Pluto in your social sector opposite Mercury in your expression sector. You feel fully empowered expressing your true thoughts, and see how that goes down with your tribe one way or the other?

Especially Venus/Lilith in your 5th house of talent/creative expression/fun. Fantastic to get a handle on whatever you are good at-Venus is your natural creative genius & bitch Lilith is the moxy to be unique about how you show it off, regardless what anyone thinks. And as for fun, this is where you get to get excited about whatever pleasures really turn you on and permission to play…

Including Venus syncing Mars/Uranus in your communication sector; could be a provocative flirtation moment to stir up romantic frisson, if you’re into that kind of thing?

Image: Thomas Lagrange for Vogue Paris


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