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So your ruler Neptune, midway through several years in your sign, is illuminating your reputation as the dreamy mystic of the zodiac. More earthbound souls may not understand your cosmic wondrousness; but do find your mystique endlessly fascinating.

What they may not realise is that Saturn in your home turf 12th house, for the last 2 years has been quite the sobering experience for you.

The 12th is the hidden vault of unconscious imperatives driving us, connection to divine inspiration and magnificent potential we can access the more we become self aware. So Saturn has been pinning you down to the whole ‘man, know thyself’ trip. Not so much a slippery escapist, fantasy inner life as a tough internal audit. Cultivating the spiritual discipline to consciously deal with karmic patterns, become more intentional with your internal narrative & generally take responsibility for your own magic, in terms of manifesting your life experience.

So Feb is the completion of this process, and no doubt you feel more grounded, in the wisdom of deep personal sovereignty, and whatever healthy mystical/spiritual guidance you are aligned with right now?

Because it’s all about preparing for Saturn into Pisces from March 8th, for the next 2 years. Suddenly you walk around exuding such innate integrity in the world -because you’ve done the work to earn this kind of respect!

People are drawn to your aura of authority, and look to you as a responsible mentor/inspiring influence, especially with your natural compassion -they feel they can really trust you. Even as you are busy manifesting your own goals/material security in the world, with the fierce personal discipline you’ve been working at. Saturn brings healthy boundaries & focus, about where you direct your attention for the next few years…

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Feb 6th, in your 6th house of healthy lifestyle and work ethic. With Bitch Lilith also in the 6th, you are totally in touch with intelligent instincts, to live in a way that makes sense to you. If any professional goals or health regime feel important enough, you’re prepared to work your ass off at it! But not because of other people’s expectations of how you should behave, which frankly you couldn’t give a fuq about right now. Too busy inspiring others by setting an example; thriving on your own, unique terms.

Because with Jupiter/Chiron in your 2nd house of material security this month, you face any financial insecurities with useful, positive affirmations. To get real expansive about what abundance even looks like. Not so much money in the bank, as freedom to fund the lifestyle you truly desire.

Especially by the New Moon in Pisces, Feb 20th. For such clarity, about how to express all that wisdom you’ve been tapping into lately:

With Venus in your 2nd house, being creative about manifesting magic, income wise. Opposite Ceres in your 8th house of shared resources, to reveal the people who appreciate your genius/to best do business with. For clever, mutually beneficial financial entanglements.

Also personal entanglements. Could be healthy family dynamics; with Mars finally direct in your home sector. An assertive vibe with your tribe, the better to care for one another in an empowering way.

And sexy love entanglements. You are gorgeous, and any lover who finds you irresistible is more likely to be deliciously nurturing. The better to trust the kind of romantic chemistry, where you can be so sweet, caring and emotionally generous with one another.

Image: Rosie Hardy


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