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There’s like a million planets in your mysterious 12th house, soul sector right now, so the Pisces action lies within rather than too much forced external progress. And as a magical, cosmic child of the universe you are presumably quite happy tuning into higher realms when divine inspiration is so strong…

Bathing your crystals in the moonlight, aura cleansing, dream journaling to access subconscious messages, shamanic personal growth, yoga, meditation, the creative bliss of poetry, art, music & all that mystical stuff you’re into is what fills your cup this month.

Also because you are so switched on to the collective, spiritual/psycho-cultural zeitgeist, in these crazy changing times. So in your capacity as a muse, healer, teacher, carer, counsellor, artist, influencer, social networker etc in your personal & professional life; you could be lifting everyone else’s spirits more than you know by channelling whatever insights are flowing through you right now…

So remaining radiant from within is such a beautiful gift you have to share-bless!

Especially the New Moon of the 12th, in sync with Mars in your comms sector could reveal some very cool, dynamic conversations to connect you with the people who get what you’re on about.

And to this end the Venus/Mars chemistry of the 20th brings romantic chemistry. As in someone special could find you maddeningly enigmatic, and maybe this is a tetchy attraction as they try to figure out how the fuq to crack your elusive allure, and Mercury retro for weird flirty vibes full of potential, tricky misunderstandings. But also enough mutual fascination to work through that, if the soulmate/deep emotional connection is real?

Especially by the Full Moon of the 27th –your annual Love Moon to attract the strong feelings you desire in your key relationships. Extra specially in exact, flowing aspect to sparky Uranus in your communication sector. There could be such revealing, radically vulnerable dialogues going on to really rock your love life, one way or the other!

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