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I mean with the madness of the world this year, its so easy to be distracted from subtle romantic cues in our personal lives. Which makes it more important to embrace those sparky moments of chemistry/attraction/intimate connection with our lovers when they do come at us yes?

So the fiery grand trine of Venus in Leo, Mars in Aries & the Destiny Point of karmic entanglement today is a totally hot rush of meaningful (or at least thrilling) passion- might as well seize the moment whilst we can...

Because ok, Mars retro is also kind of thwarting our sexy confidence -where we might be so frustrated by tricky circumstance that we vibe combative with our lovers just when we could be loving one another up. Let's get over that for long enough to do courageous, sexy emotional generosity if we're lucky enough to have someone special in our lives to love up -or even a flirty moment of frisson with someone spunky in the world could turn us on, just because passion matters!

Let's be brave lovers right now huh xxx


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