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October is here and the scopes are up, as the tide turns to better times.

After retrograde season for the last few months, with constant delays, lessons & having to re-evaluate pretty much everything; especially trying to make sense of this crazy world as it spins into ever new levels of insanity... we are frankly over it, right?

So hallelujah, thank goodness we finally have progress, and ready to move forward in October!

Pluto direct from the 6th pulls together Neptune dreams & Venus talent/creativity, to re-ignite an empowered sense of what we are capable of and manifest very sexy new outcomes. I mean we may have to dig deep, and be prepared to transform ourselves as we go-but so worth it, of course.

Saturn direct from the 11th is confirmation of whatever personal discipline is working for us right now; to knuckle down, keep it clean, lean & mean and work towards the success that matters to us. Yes, because we deserve it.

Then Jupiter direct from the 18th is the bomb. Jupiter is big, brash, expansive confidence in our meaningful dreams, and trusting that life will look after us if we stay true to ourselves. And spunky self assurance, just for the fun of getting our swagger on in the world & it feels good to be alive! Especially as Jupiter direct is trine Mars, for extra, dynamic energy to back ourselves up. And just as Mercury turns direct, to get the details & communication skills right as well.

Yay October is such a turn on -let's ditch the frustration of recent times & embrace fab new potential huh? Much more detail for your sign, with the horoscopes up here. Time to have some fun folks x


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