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Well 2020 has been a wild ride so far, obviously; and we are variously at breaking point with dystopia fatigue & also inspired by the fresh, transformative possibilities to thrive with grace under pressure...

And the most relevant astro that has been doing our heads in recently is Pluto/Saturn breaking down our security structures & forcing us way out of our comfort zones; but just when we want to get up & chase new, more effective paradigms/instant gratification Mars retrograde has been putting the brakes on even our most brilliant, life affirming plans & desires. Aargh gosh it's been a character building , gritty lesson in patience huh?

So we can see that Mars retro, as much as we can legitimately bitch about the various delays/obstacles/crippling self doubt/ shady behaviour from certain fuqwits trying to break our stride or just loved ones struggling with their own dramas & unable to fully support us -has actually been constructive. In the sense that we've had no choice but hold our own with integrity, taking no crap but also sans reactive tantrums (because aggro/conflict/forcing the issue has been pointless, as we've probably figured out); and withdraw our energy to finessing the plan, self mastery type personal discipline & cultivating softly softly, strategic, compassionate diplomacy to navigate whatever challenging circumstance or interpersonal entanglements we've felt trapped in.

Also we understand that Saturn/Pluto has been a necessary, destructive part of the transformative process-as we let go of whatever no longer serves us, we prepare for the regenerative, fresh growth that springs from that, like the proverbial phoenix rising from the flames...

Because the point is that Nov has lucky, expansive Jupiter conjunct Pluto exact from the 8th-14th, replacing Saturn restrictions with the sheer positive enthusiasm to rise up singing with a new lease of life; just in time for Mars to finally turn direct from the 14th and pick up the pace of dynamic progress & satisfying our lusty, life affirming desires for the rest of the year!

Yes, for those of us valiantly keeping the faith that life can get better, or even if we tripped over recently & need a bit of hope to get us back on our feet... November is such a wonderful, auspicious, empowered time to embrace our full potential, seize the day and bring our loved ones with us with a glorious, loving generosity of spirit. OMG let's do it! Happy Nov folks x

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