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New Moon in Scorpio, exact 7.14am Nov 5th, AEDT.

So to the extent New Moons are always fresh emotional clarity, Scorpio insights are like x-ray vision; we feel what we feel & aint scared to be honest with ourselves & keep it real -our gut instincts know what's going down with people around us and the emotional intelligence to relate to one another accordingly. And with the courage to handle the intensity of being passionate, libidinous (ok, horny) & embrace emotionally congruent desires & life decisions, with the fresh energy of this New Moon.

All of which is brought into sharp focus with this Moon exactly opposite sparky Uranus in Taurus. Our emotional body & innate, gut intelligence that we feel in our bones (Taurus) is suddenly so spot on, and aligned with our spidey, spooky sense of just knowing stuff (Scorpio). Also with Uranus actual, factual information is unexpectedly revealed in our various scenarios; that could be weirdly discombobulating (Uranus tends to disrupt the status quo), but also gloriously liberating, to see things as they are that resonates emotionally & proceed with crystal clear certainty.

And in a square with pragmatic Saturn; this Moon is a reality check about walking our talk in truth & also manifesting the functional, material circumstances that allow us to operate in full integrity. Whether personal relationships, love, biz, finances, physical/emotional wellbeing etc.

So it's a dynamic, game changing Moon for sure! Could be crazy challenging to align with radical change energy, but also a relief to cut the crap & permission to be radically authentic, right? We will all have different levels of discomfort or loving the energy here-but ultimately is supposed to be sexy, energising, exciting & empowering!

Happy Scorpio New Moon, folks x

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