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Mars in Virgo right now is fully OCD, in terms of control freaky perfectionism about every move we make. And don't get me started on the mania for rules & regulations currently in vogue in the world. And Neptune in Pisces is more cosmic, attuned to an ineffable/higher purpose, also totally slippery about being pinned down-to anything. So Mars opposite Neptune this week, exact Sept 3rd is an interesting combo. Could play out in a variety of ways:

We are visionary dreamers, with the exacting attention to detail to finesse & manifest our dreams with beautiful, powerful manifesting magic. We shine bright in the world because we are courageous about living according to our magnificent spiritual/creative inspiration & bliss. Awesome! We are visionary dreamers, but with Neptune retrograde we get so caught up in the tedious trivia of details we talk ourselves out of it, cos it just looks too complicated, and give up just when we are so tantalising close to success. Or even worse, we are visionary dreamers but we let the control freaky madness around us get us down, internalise societal judgement & and give up because we think we are not allowed to follow our dreams. How tedious.

Or we are blind drunk, lol. I mean when Mars/Neptune get together it can be quite Dionysian, in terms of seeking bliss by getting completely out of it intoxicated. Kind of fuq the world , I'm over here indulging my favorite vice/substance abuse/naughty behaviour vibe. Ok, fair enough we do need good times & fun to ameliorate the stress of the world to some extent. But also at some point this is just as tedious, as another excuse to avoid following our dreams in a constructive way right??

Because also dynamic, exuberant Jupiter is in play here. Jupiter seeks meaningful goals to strive toward, which can be incredibly, powerfully positive. And fun just for the sake of doing whatever the fuq we want, which can be fabulously life affirming to a point. But also being retrograde can be tempting to do excessive, indulging our pleasures because it's taking too long to get anything done chasing a sense of purpose with actual, tangible outcomes, know what I mean? Just so you know Jupiter turns direct mid Oct; so let's not give up on our bliss and believing in our unique, wonderful potential when we are so close to getting on with it... Bless x


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