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So Mars is spending an unusually long time in Gemini, from August 21st, 2022 till March 23rd, 2023. Where the most direct, aggressive planet of machismo, libido, ambition, assertive confidence, anger & conflict vibes more complex. For example:

We have so many desires and plans we don't know where to direct our energy. We are skilfully multi-tasking, juggling every aspect of our scenario with magician genius. We understand the subtle nuance of seducing our lover, or sexual entanglements generally. We are fascinating, and fascinated by the kaleidoscopic possibilities around us. We are delightfully charming, curious and ok, crafty communicators. We deftly avoid conflict, finding clever, peaceful solutions instead. Or ok, dance around playing headfuq games with one another, just for kicks.

Either way we understand that brute force, or even blind determination doesn't work so well, so we necessarily play with a more intelligent approach to getting what we want, right?

So it's been kind of a gift to have Mars retrograde since Nov 1st 2022... to slow us down whether we like it or not. Some of us have felt an innate intelligence, to retreat & work on replenishing our energy/scheme our next big move, dark horse style. Some of us have just been gnashing our teeth in frustration, at the constant obstacles cramping our style-grrrr! Probably a bit of both, for most of us?

Especially men, ruled by Mars. Dudes have tended to be quite elusive recently. Maybe flirty but can't commit, or disappear to chase butterflies, work on their thesis, try to get more healthy or whatever... And as frustrating as we have found some men in our lives; they're like hey, spend a moment in my head right now, I feel so thwarted & frustrated I don't know what the fuq to do!

Hallelujah, Mars now officially moving direct again, from Friday 13th! We all feel a rush of renewed energy, physical vitality, personal confidence, determination to thrive and sexy libido turning us on.

So just for fun, here is an inspiring little riff; where you suddenly feel positive momentum for your sign. I have listed according to your Sun Sign, but if you know your Rising/Ascendant Sign is even more relevant:


You are a dynamic force of nature; embodying this renewed, positive energy in every aspect of your being. Peeps who are accustomed to your elusive wiles may be shocked, when suddenly you lay all your cards on the table and reveal your true self in all it's glory. Watch out world, you are self assured as fuq and absolutely walking your talk. Oh and you are sexy as hell, with renewed seductive prowess...grrr who could resist you?


It's not like anyone notices, but your inner world begins to reveal itself to you more clearly. Lucid dreaming, magical manifesting intentions, that are more powerful when you keep them to yourself. Spiritual practice that aligns you with true purpose, connected to divine guidance. No need to prove anything in the world, you are radiant from a beautiful place of self-assurance, deep within. And love -is soulmating or not, right?


You get to strut around, and shine on the social scene just how you like it. Your natural, sheer charisma wows your public just by being you. More invitations to social events, or just being a delightful social butterfly anywhere you go. Definitely time to be out & about! Maybe networking, for shameless self promotion. Maybe quality time with good friends, to be an inspiration to your tribe. And if single, flirty moments on the scene?


It's all about career and vocational ambition. If you've been brewing fab schemes behind the schemes, as is your wont-I bet they're so perfected and ready to unleash upon the world right now! The next few months may present auspicious moments to pitch your creative/biz thing,/job application, and polish your brand with as much shameless self promotion as possible. And if single, flirty moments because you're just so spunky on the job?


You're restless and you know it, but been trying to keep a lid on radical new moves lately? Now it feels so right to bust out of your comfort zone, with an adventurous attitude... Could be as simple as a brazen, confident new intentions to believe in your visionary dreams. Even the smallest steps to embrace whatever excites you, feels so meaningful. And tangible, big travel or academic/higher learning opportunities could totally rock your world!


Let's face it, with randy Mars in your 8th house of intimacy, it's all about sex! Your famous seductive prowess is on fire...if you want to pounce on a certain someone, maybe now is the time? You adore feeling so hot & irresistible, of course. And on a deeper level, the courage to be real with someone you love could be so passionate rewarding? Also you are so savvy confident re financial/biz negotiations, could be lucrative...


Love is the drug and I need to score... Mars brings sexy love action, with someone hot chasing your ass! Especially if you're into men, they're ready to turn up; or if you are male, suddenly the confident lover? Maybe if your partner/lover has been kind of distracted/missing in action lately, they suddenly reveal their desire to connect. Or if single & the dating scene has been dead, sudden attractions coming out of the woodwork...


Healthy & wealthy is your best look, just how you like it. Your famous, fierce work ethic fires up; to get seriously ambitious about the professional goals that are most meaningful to you. You adore waking up every morning fired up, to seize the day with full desire to thrive. And it must be said in order to be a dynamic success machine, you must be super healthy. A disciplined workout & dietary regime is your superpower, for full physical vitality.


Yay, you are the sign most likely to have fun right now! Mars ignites your 5th house of innate talent, creative genius, shameless self promotion to show off, sweet romance and good times doing stuff you enjoy. So if you feel fresh determination, to get better at whatever you're good at, you could be incredibly productive right now in the most positive way. And if you just want to do life affirming stuff that feels good, yes permission to play!


Domestic dynamics fire up. If any family disputes or tensions at home have been brewing lately, and you have intelligently intuited to calm down & avoid convoluted conflict? Now feels right to clear the air in a healthy way, to get along as honestly as possible. The better to create a positive, energising home base where you can thrive together. And passion blossoms with your shacked up lover; or if dating your next hot seduction is on home turf?


Mars retro recently has been so frustrating, trying to shut the fuq up; suppressing your naturally opinionated attitude to avoid drama/causing offence? So now Mars opens up the fab, healthy assertive, robust dialogues that you adore! Your people can handle the truth, and you are ready to give it to them with spectacular confidence. Clear communication, to open your throat chakra is such a buzz. Also, a sexy flirtation could get real hot??


As the most powerful manifesting sign, tuned into beautiful material wealth/comfort; money is a thing right now. Mars retro has had you sitting on brilliant earning schemes lately, with healthy instincts to finesse the details before you charge forward. Now Mars direct is permission to get on with it, with that manifesting magic you do so well. Delicious, lucrative success feels so good. And maybe a lover to get creative with, to thrive together?

Happy Mars direct folks, and more detail for your sign with the January horoscopes here.

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