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Pisces New Moon, exact 3.34am March 3rd, AEDT, coming at us just when we need some lovely inspo to keep our spirits up...

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Pisces it's a mystical, magical trip. Especially bang on positive, philosophical Jupiter and syncing maverick Uranus -we feel called to a higher truth; to trust our instincts and permission to live free, like the cosmic wildlings we are. And unconditional love for others, to also live as they see fit.

Because Pisces is nothing if not compassionate -we have an exquisite empathy for each other right now; as we are all just seeking to follow our dreams and embrace our spiritual, creative and emotional bliss.

Especially with Venus/Mars/Pluto in an exact conjunction for this moon-mating season is at peak, passionate intensity! Our romantic dreams are so ready to come true, if we can be radically vulnerable and let the wild & wonderful chemistry have it's way with us. And be caring and sensitive with each others feelings as we go...

Because also there's lots of sabre rattling on the political front, and been such a divisive time with the social/collective climate lately. So this moon is a lovely reminder -we are all in this together, let's be good humans and look after our brothers & sister out there, huh?

Peace folks, let's rise above the anger and be beautiful as one big family x

And lots more detail for your sign, with the March horoscopes here.


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