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New Moon in Cancer, exact 12.52pm June 29th, AEST.

New Moon are always a fresh emotional perspective, and Moon ruled Cancer tends to host the most magically intuitive, emotionally intelligent New Moon of all:

We feel everything with acute sensitivity; so we are certainly aware of our own needs and what we are yearning for to feel fulfilled. The better to do healthy self care, rather than just sooking around being moody as fuq, right?

And our psychic radar is switched on to every subtle nuance, so we know what's up with the lay of the land around us; and how to best work inspiring creative opportunities and genuinely caring, nurturing relationship dynamics according to what we actually need from one another...

Especially this Moon is exactly square lucky Jupiter, with the healer Chiron involved. Such a positive vibe, to choose dynamic wellbeing for ourselves and choose to trust loving large, with magnificent emotional generosity to look after our loved ones as best we can.

It's like all the best Cancerian instincts, to nurture whatever matters most to us is so available right now. Happy New Moon folks xxx

Image: the wonderful Moonchild Tarot


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