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Libra Full Moon today, exact 4.48am, March 29th AEDT, to keep us cool amongst the turmoil of the world.

Full Moons are a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing recently, and it feels like so many issues around personal interactions have been bugging us.

I mean in Aries season with Aries ruler Mars in Gemini, we have been kind of hard to pin down; happy to have fun with our tribe socially but a bit scatty & commitment shy in our deeper personal connections. Especially with love goddess Venus in independent Aries -we have been so busy driving a clear path forward, to manifest our individual life plan but not necessarily clear about how certain loved ones fit into that agenda? And really not handling suffocating expectations from anyone...

So here comes a Full Moon in partnership loving Libra, bang on Libra ruler Venus to get clear about where we stand with loved ones -ready or not! It's the classic tension between craving personal space/autonomy to do our own thing but also understanding just how much our personal connections matter. Partly for the sheer fun of sharing good times with our friends & family, because that's what life is all about -and also deeper issues with a special someone/lover/close confidante could be ready to be resolved...

Because this Moon is all about harmonious mutual understanding, to get the interpersonal balance right. With the healer Chiron & caring Ceres involved, we have a chance to be a bit vulnerable and work our relationships out wth beautiful emotional intelligence. And anyway feeding any drama/conflict because ego etc doesn't work so well here, it just blows up in our face at warp speed so what's the point?

Lets embrace the Venusian vibe of this Moon to love like we mean it, with whoever is there for us right now.

Happy Libra Full Moon folks x


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