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Leo Full Moon, exact 5.16am Jan 29th AEDT to get our rawring glory on!

So to the extent Full Moons are a rising up of the feelings that have been brewing all month, it feels like we are all trying to get a handle on how to hold our own in these crazy, uncertain times?

And Leo is the ultimate sign of personal sovereignty, and how to handle our power & pride with full integrity. I mean yes grandiose ego is also a thing, lol, so we watch that. Best we lean into a really healthy, authentic sense of how to thrive in the world together (Leo cares about their loved ones) and on our very own, gloriously uncompromising terms.

Because the astro here is quite spectacular:

This Moon has the Leo ruling Sun exactly conjunct the lucky star Jupiter -such a brilliant, magnificent combo to shine our light fearlessly in the world, live large just for the thrill of it, chase our dreams with absolute courage, trust the flow of life & love each other with beautiful emotional generosity. Wow it's a big energy, if we are ready to embrace it?

Also Jupiter is just coming off a grand conjunction with Saturn, to wake us up to our highest potential in the world; and Saturn still close enough to lend a steady, pragmatic gravitas to whatever we are on about right now-we are walking our talk & doing it properly right?

And this Moon triggers Uranus/Mars/Lilith in Taurus-a volatile combo to shake up pretty much every sense of security we've been relying on, which is scary but also the lust for life to evolve at warp speed & seize the great unknown with stunning confidence.

So the force is strong right now, let's pull ourselves together & embrace wonderful growth, and have a good time as much as we can this week. Happy Lion Full Moon folks x

Image: the gloriously talented Starchild Tarot


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