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The month begins with clever Mercury in Libra, so with your ruler Venus in your social sector you are feeling ready to be mingle, out & about sharing all your brilliant ideas with witty banter and those charming, shmoozy conversational skills of yours.

I mean you do have Bitch Lilith in your public relations/career sector opposite primal Pluto; so some of the opinions/vocational agendas you are putting out there in the world could be seen as kind of radical -even transgressive by the professional/cultural standards you are dealing with? Way to be a rebel with a cause!

On the other hand, Ceres in your social sector opposite Saturn in your self-expression sector has you tuned into everyone else’s feelings enough to exercise smooth, disciplined diplomacy; the better to persuade them to see your point of view/listen to them just as much for mutually stimulating dialogue.

This is pure, Libran genius at it’s best of course-you were born to connect with the cultural zeitgeist in a harmonious way. To foster shared ideas & broker peace deals when conflicting ideals create tension-in your wider community or social scene/amongst close friends.

Then the Full Moon of the 10th in your 6th house of healthy lifestyle and work ethic: This is a chance to get your act together, with daily choices to keep life running smoothly. The better to feel physically well & focus on the plans that matter. Including a trine to Lilith in your career sector, where you are bitchingly authentic about your vocational goals, and not willing to compromise-and you want to back that up with the integrity of walking your talk every day.

Also syncing Uranus/Destiny Point in your sector of financial entanglements, so you might need to be flexible about radical new biz/money agreements that serve to stay clear on your career path?

And Venus slipping into your 12th house of spiritual purpose for this Moon, meeting Mercury retro by the Libra Full Moon of Sept 26th. This tunes you into a beautiful sense of inner, creative inspo that turns you on -and not be so fussed what anyone else thinks about it, as you magically manifest your life with spunky self-determination.

Especially Mars in a rare, extended tour of your 9th house of expansive, visionary personal growth, travel and chasing your wildest dreams from August 2022 till March next year. Mars in the 9th is always liberating astro, to feel free of the usual, boring constraints of the daily grind & bourgeois expectations; enough to spread your wings & do your own thing. And with Mars here so long this time round -the imperative is powerful, to keep evolving outside your comfort zone:

So actually, all the work you’ve been doing to keep your routine productive, intelligent money choices, maintain positive/mutually respectful relationships AND stay connected to your higher calling as you go is perfect-for permission to thrive on your own terms, you’ve earned it!

Meanwhile lucky Jupiter and the healer Chiron, retrograde in your relationship sector, is an open mind to whatever mutual respect & understanding works right now. Generous, unconditional love bonds you with your special someone; to go forth and grow as a couple. Or someone new triggers your vulnerability, maybe to rock your world with a new courage to love large/have fun with the attraction just because you can?

Or I tell you what if travelling solo; not so much fretting about lost love etc as fully embracing the buzz of being a free spirit, unencumbered by tedious expectations. I mean a weird love thing could turn up anytime to work on your famous relationship skills; so might as well enjoy this period of personal autonomy whilst you can, huh?

Image: the wonderful Paolo Roversi

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