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So your annual Venus season, from August 17th -Sept 10th is your favourite time to swan about, looking gorgeous and radiating talent, charm and goodwill in the world. Not that we’re necessarily getting around so much in weird times dammit, but you do what you can to light up & beautify your personal sphere of influence…lovely.

Then Mars in Libra from Sept 15th -Oct 30th brings a bit more muscle to your personal charisma; for the sheer physical energy and bravado to go forth and do your thing:

Maybe feeling sexy, with the confidence to pursue some hot connection with whoever turns you on. And Venus opposite Uranus in your intimacy sector on the 24th is prime seduction moment, if you can handle the sparky emotions coming up. I mean could be a tad volatile, or even someone special to you actually acting batshit crazy lol, but also radical honesty & exciting passions to enjoy!

And maybe feeling ambitious, with a driving imperative to achieve something worthwhile, for the satisfaction of personal accomplishment. I mean the fresh vitality that Mars bring from mid Sept just feels so good, you want to channel it productively huh? Especially with lucky Jupiter & disciplined Saturn retro in your talent sector, you are so fabulously confident at what you do and the perseverance to get even better at it, over time. And by the 24th Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter brings clever schemes to get on with, with Venus in your income sector opposite Uranus to dream up weird & wonderful ways to hustle coin as you go.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 7th in your soul sector is the equanimity to take a moment of inner, spiritual reflection & align yourself with a meaningful sense of purpose that truly inspires you, the better to drive the forward momentum with conscious intent when Mars picks up the pace from mid-month.

Then the Full Moon of the 21st is interesting. It’s in your work/wellbeing sector to be so switched on to effective organisation skills, work ethic and healthy habits, to get your daily routine in order and thrive. And the Sun conjunct Mars in Libra to remind you that dynamic physical energy with focused intent is so worth cultivating right now, to get on with getting ahead.

But also the spooky/magical influence of this Moon conjunct Neptune opposite the Sun in your soul sector. Could be such heightened intuition, for bang on instincts to literally manifest your dreams in real life. Or could be tempting to be distracted by swampy moods/naff addictions/delusional scenarios…which you obviously resist right?

Image: Bridgette Bardot


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