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October begins with your ruler Venus into Libra, for your annual season of shining your natural, radiant beauty, charm & creative talent in the world.

Even better, Venus opposite lucky Jupiter October 2nd maximises your beautiful self expression, for positive connection with the people who get what you’re on about. And with Jupiter in your love sector, this includes feeling good about healthy relationships that thrive-by being your true selves, and appreciating who each other really are.

Which is perfect, for the Full Moon of the 10th conjunct the healer Chiron in your love sector, opposite Sun/Venus in your sign. Feels like any issues coming up, in your relationship or dating/seeking romance are more poignant than ever. Especially whoever you are valiantly trying to connect with being super sensitive to deal with, revealing all manner of vulnerable moments.

And this only reveals your innate, gorgeous allure and suave relationship skills. Especially clever Mercury into Libra from the 11th, your emotional intelligence helps your lover feel understood, and cultivate harmonious connection. Or even if problems arise/an affair aint working- you navigate this with as much mutual understanding & empathy as possible.

But most likely the force is strong, for mutual attraction with your crush, lover or partner. Venus in Libra trine Mars Oct 18th is the quintessential aspect of easy, flowing love chemistry. So if you feel like you have a chance to enjoy sweet romance mid month, you could be right!

I mean with Mars spending several months in your expansive 9th house (as I discussed in detail in the Sept scopes), and expansive/freedom loving Jupiter in your love sector; you are not about being pinned down to any kind of suffocating, needy commitment vibes. You are turned on by the mutual respect of a relationship with enough trust, to give one another emotional oxygen to do your own thing-the better to come together and share the personal growth as you go. And presumably, the kind of free-spirited lover you are currently attracted to adores you right back, for this gorgeous romantic largesse…

I mean with radical Uranus on the Destiny Point in your sex/intimacy sector-liberating authenticity is quite the aphrodisiac, right?

Meanwhile Saturn retro in your fun 5th house recently has been kind of a bitch -demanding you drill down on creative discipline, to do whatever you enjoy better and assess the veracity of whatever turns you on, rather than actually having a good time? Aargh stifling much? So Saturn direct from Oct 23rd is such a relief; to get on with it and play with your newly finessed talent, self expression and whatever romance has proved to be worth embracing.

Because also from Oct 23rd, your ruler Venus lights up your 2nd house of personal values, that you can realistically manifest in the world.

Then the New Moon of the 25th, exactly conjunct Venus in your 2nd house, is positively radiant with magical manifesting potential:

This is where you get real clear about what matters to you. Not so much heavy obligations, as permission to embrace whatever you truly enjoy, in the spirit of making stuff you that you feel good about happen.

Yeah sure, this is your money/income sector, so perfect to hustle good coin doing your thing. Maybe lucrative opportunities, you’ve been working towards for a while… and trine Mars lingering in your expansive 9th house, via your career sector; material wealth is great -but only as a means to score freedom to live on your own terms, with a healthy work/life balance, right?

Image: Abdi Kaafi


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