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So your ruler, Venus usually spends a month in each sign each year, where she shines her light in various aspects of our lives. And occasionally she slows down in a particular sector of our chart, in order for us to enjoy greater love, art & beauty in that area of our life. And now is a case in point, with Venus in your home sector from Nov 6th till early March -four whole months to create the most harmonious, gorgeous, domestic bliss scenario you can…

Perfect to beautify/optimise the functional use of your space - interior design/feng shui/a delightful garden/renovations or even lucky enough to be moving into a wonderful new home, which you always adore of course; is even more of a turn on than ever. And perhaps more importantly, cultivate loving, harmonious connection with your family, the people you live with and yes, if you have a shacked up partner or lover coming round for true romance at home. This is such a wonderful opportunity to connect with the loved ones you care about the most, bond with your tribe & make a home for your heart. Such a lovely way to ground yourself, in a fulfilling personal life huh?

Meanwhile Mars in your income sector from Nov 1st is an auspicious start to the month. For the confidence to get real about your values & what really gives you a sense of material security right now, as opposed to clinging to faux stability for the sake of the status quo. To release the sheer firepower & determination, to fund the life you want to live on that basis.

Excellent, because the New Moon of Nov 5th is opposite Uranus in your sector of interpersonal intimacy, emotional & biz dynamics, to reveal the things you cannot control; based on the unpredictable nature of the people you are entangled with right now. There is amazing, maybe unexpected support coming, just when you need it from certain people you rely on, but also weird, headfuq behaviour from certain people to do your head in, just when you thought you had a handle on the situation?

And you have to deal with it either way; especially Mercury joining Mars from the 6th for the intelligence to keep the mutual understanding positive, whilst maintaining your own clarity and healthy, assertive attitude about whatever you are on about. As the most relationship savvy sign of all, you get this balancing act right?

Then the Full Moon of the 19th in your sex/intimacy sector, with a sparky Mars/Uranus opposition amps up the passion. Oh my goodness if you have a magnetic attraction going on-you find each other batshit crazy but also hot as hell, so the chemistry is irresistible! But also you want to watch any tetchy arguments brewing this month; they’re likely to blow up at warp speed with this Moon… um if it’s romance thing it’s kind of fight or fuq -so why not go to bed to sort it out, rather than bicker over tedious shizz? Or if biz/family drama rising up; a great time to address any issues you can constructively thrash out -or if it gets too volatile, back off & agree to disagree for the moment huh?

Image: Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia


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