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The New Moon of May 1st, in your sex/intimacy sector begins the month with a focus on your most personal connections. Which as such a relationship oriented sign you’re a natural at, but gosh this one is a cracker:

It’s on Uranus for radical authenticity in love; which includes releasing any fixed expectations, and more emotional oxygen to allow one another as much space as possible to do your own thing, in between loving each other more freely. Or dealing with turbulence, with someone special as you both have to grow in order to find some kind of common ground-to stay together or whatever is going on? Or someone wild, rocking your world with new & unexpected versions of exciting attraction?

AND this is a Partial Solar Eclipse, with the Destiny Point involved -so the romantic thrills/upheavals going on are not random; fate has your number, and there is real relational growth involved here, hopefully calling you to some kind of soulmate/karmic love scenario?

Especially with the big astro-action this month, lucky Jupiter into Aries for the coming year, is joining Venus/Chiron conjunct in your love/partner sector from May 16th. The love goddess Venus on the healer Chiron is a gentle, compassionate kind of attraction magic. It’s all about trusting romance with a little bit of vulnerable intimacy, to make it that much more special…

Also, this applies to shared financial resources; the best biz negotiations/family money matters are innovative, win-win scenarios that benefit everyone involved, of course.

And ok, Mercury retrograde into your intimacy sector from the 23rd means you have to be sharp about emotional misunderstandings in love, or get the details correct in biz; those fab, charming communication skills of yours could work a treat here.

Meanwhile the Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse of the 16th is massively relevant, in your money/income sector. With Mars revving up your day-job sector; next level, game changing instincts about finessing your current gig/existing budget are on point. For the motivation to do what you’re naturally good at, with an inspired work ethic to make it suit your ideal lifestyle with as much financial independence as possible. Yes, this kind of ideal situation is in your sights mid month-the more you remain focused on the work/life values that matter to you?

Especially Mars conjunct Neptune on the 17th, in your day-job/health sector:

Normally Mars here is fierce, aggressive work ethic to force successful outcomes at work. Yes, but on Neptune for this Moon it’s a more subtle vibe. Maybe reading the professional politics with spooky accuracy, to finesse your next clever move? And seeking a higher purpose, with Saturn in your talent sector for a more sustainable, considered creative process to finesse what you’re doing long term, huh?

And Mars wants a tough-ass fitness regime, to power forward physically. But Neptune health solutions are more holistic, restorative wellbeing then so much kicking your ass at the gym etc. Compassionate self-care is a beautiful thing, mid month.

Image: Lindsay Adler


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