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So how have you been going with Saturn in your 5th house, of fun and creative talent for the last few years? Maybe stifling your natural, playful instincts a bit, which ok as such a bubbly social butterfly might have been frustrating.

But do admit also the kind of intelligent discipline you adore, as such a gifted, arty creature. To finesse the creative process and get properly good at what you do; to manifest any number of brilliant schemes-that otherwise might have languished in lazy, languid Libra land?

(And we shall talk about the benefits of this, with Saturn moving on this month shortly.)

Because the really big astro this month is Pluto replacing Saturn in your 5th house.

Pluto on your 5th from March 23rd till June this year, then settling in from Feb 2024 for the next 20 years! Although settling may not be the right term-more an exciting, volcanic eruption of the full force of your brilliant, powerful genius you are ready to reveal to the world:

The 5th house is where we connect with life affirming joy. The kind of lust for life that comes from authentic self expression, as we embrace whatever innate talent we do best.

And Pluto is a force of nature, regenerative energy that unleashes our most powerfully creative instincts. Especially if willing to transform ourselves; as we slay any suffocating self doubt and explore wherever our full potential leads us.

Such a sensational combination -to tap into your most effective, magical manifestation in the world. Get ready to feel full vitality as you be your true self, and 20 years ahead to enjoy the buzz. How thrilling!

Also the 5th house is about fun romance, which of course is your natural thing; as such a flirty charmer! And Pluto reeks of sexy love action. So yes, your innately sweet, smooth relationship skills could attract some super hot & bothered chemistry moving forward, I mean not exactly stable or even breezy affairs-more game changing passion to rock your world, hmmm?

Especially Pluto in your 5th bang on the New Moon of March 22nd, in your love/partner sector! Especially with Mercury involved; the force is strong with you, to sweet talk a powerful connection into something totally promising. Or more likely to meet someone fascinating; where innocent, flirty banter becomes mutually intoxicating at warp speed!

Meanwhile, Saturn moves into your 6th house from March 7th till Feb 2026:

Saturn is the most fiercely practical planet, to do with the discipline required to live intentionally and well. So Saturn absolutely loves being in the 6th house, as the most practical sector of your chart; to do with healthy lifestyle for optimum wellbeing and effective work ethic.

Such fabulous astro coming up, to be prepared to do the work, slowly but surely towards your most tangible goals. The more you finesse whatever you’re on about; the more you clarify to yourself the most meaningful sense of purpose driving you forward. The better to make stuff happen in the world, with a satisfying sense of accomplishment for the next few years.

I mean Saturn into your 6th is bang on the New Moon of March 7th, in your mystical soul sector. So the more you are aligned with your spiritual values and divinely channelled creative inspo, the more you create a holistic, beautifully creative work/life balance. Some people call it magical manifesting, and yes is true. But only you know the dedicated focus & persevering attitude required to pull this off, right?

Image: Richard Avedon, Harpers Bazaar.


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