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So Saturn in your talent sector has been teaching you the meaning of creative discipline, to actually do the work to get better at what you are good at, because the satisfaction of personal excellence & accomplishment matters. And Jupiter has been reminding you that it’s also about fun –sometimes it’s great to play just for the sake of exploring your lovely personal potential.

So Saturn square Uranus in your financially driven 8th house this month kind of stresses you out about monetising your genius or not, which could cramp your style. But once you get that Uranus is so fuqing wacky for money anyway & not exactly about security as such; is the freedom to just focus on your creative instincts, go with the flow & suddenly wildly innovative solutions appear out of the blue…

It’s all about thinking big, and Mercury on Jupiter around the 5th, just as Mars enters your Mercury/Jupiter ruled vision sector is a clever light bulb moment, to finesse the details for positive, successful outcomes.

Then the New Moon of the 13th in your work/health sector has Venus/Neptune, for beautiful inspiration to follow your higher purpose on the day job. And in order to elevate your daily routine to achieve meaningful results, you obviously avoid the temptation of this astro to indulge pleasure-seeking/addictive tendencies to the point of dysfunctional intoxication hmmm?

Meanwhile Saturn square Uranus also highlights any tension between Saturn trying to hold back & control your romantic exuberance and Uranus unleashing wild, volatile passions that you need to embrace just because they’re happening, ready or not!

Especially by the Full Moon of the 29th, with Venus on the healer Chiron in your love sector, to reveal the true desire &romantic intentions of your lover/partner/potential crush. And how vulnerable they may be feeling about it! And you are emotionally switched on enough to get this, and reciprocate with equal authenticity right??

Image: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Von Rankin

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