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Your ruler Venus in your biz sector this month is Libra heaven, to come to terms with how talented, gorgeous and charming you are career wise. Because you know you’re good at what you do and keen to get even better at it; is a great time to shmick up the work wardrobe, polish your brand & schmooze the right people for more success doing whatever you genuinely love.

I mean also Jupiter retrograde in your work sector this month could be a promising gig delayed, work/life balance out of whack or health issues you need to focus positive affirmations on; which could feel like tedious distraction just when you thought you were powering forward vocationally. Gah frustrating much??

But all these delays are temporary. Because Jupiter heading back into your talent sector for the next 6 months is great to revisit the creative process, with your natural talent & creative flair wonderfully inspired. And when Jupiter returns to your work sector from next January, your reward is a rush of expansive, positive professional growth to show off that brilliance in the world!

Meanwhile Saturn retro in your talent/romance sector square Uranus in your sex/intimacy/financial entanglements sector as follows:

In biz you keep a keen eye on weird & wonderful opportunities, with sufficient discipline to keep your strategy tight & effective.

In love you get that no matter how weird & crazy your lover can be, instead of the temptation to get annoyed do admit that’s what you dig about them -cos you can be a weirdo too right? So ideally, with caring Ceres involved you appreciate one another’s quirks, and have fun with romantic thrills & spills instead of control freaky bickering, know what I mean? And if single you’re loving the freedom to do your own thing, whilst open to the buzz of unexpected attraction action if it does happen to turn up?

Also Mercury retro suggests travel plans could be even more tricky than expected in these strange times, so if you’re planning a trip best double check the details.


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