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So your lovely ruler Venus, settling into your 11th house/social sector until October has your charming, good looking, social butterfly charisma on point. And feeling so connected to the friends, networking opportunities and cultural zeitgeist around you. The right people, you can share your most cherished principles with are more likely to turn up this month. How fabulous!

Especially Venus conjunct Lilith and Mars early July. You form meaningful friendships & professional/creative collaborations in the world. The perfect combination of sweet, shmoozy charm and doing it on your own, uncompromising terms You are quite the icon in your chosen scene right now, to the extent you are beautifully true to yourself.

And yes, if you happen to be single/on the prowl, this works beautifully for your famous flirty wiles in the world. The dating scene suddenly feels more promising. And the more you gravitate towards the right crew, who allow you to be your true self - weirdly perfect synchronicity for sudden attractions as you go about your business. And trine Uranus with Jupiter/Destiny Point in your sexy 8th house, maybe fate has someone special you are ready to meet? Or if partnered in love, this astro calls you guys to share a mutually stimulating meeting of minds, and shared values as the best seduction vibe. You don’t have to agree on everything, but it helps to appreciate one another’s point of view-for potentially radical conversations to move forward together. Know what I mean?

Meanwhile Pluto back into your 4th house recently; where you have been grappling with a transformative attitude to family/domestic dynamics, and what home means to you for the last several years? So you feel ready to revisit any family issues, relationships at home and property/real estate/where you really want to live scenarios -with a fresh eye and potentially game-changing decisions…

I mean you have plenty of time to work it out, with Pluto here until next Feb. Meanwhile cue the Full Moon of July 3rd, also in your 4th house to provide some clues:

Square healer Chiron in your partner sector, with Jupiter/Destiny Point in your sexy 8th house. You could be dealing with sensitive issues about the quality of commitment-familial, co-hab, romantic and/or keeping it real, with financial entanglements that influence your domestic situation?

Opposite Sun/Mercury in your brilliant career sector, and Saturn in your practical 6th house. You get the importance of creating a domestic sanctuary that supports your most healthy, functional lifestyle. For the freedom to focus your attention on genius professional strategies. Could be as simple as cleaning up the house for an organised, streamlined daily routine that works. Could be supportive relationships with your loved ones, that allow you to thrive emotionally and get your health/work ethic act together?

Which pays off, with the New Moon in biz sector of July 18th. Trine Neptune in your 6th house; could reveal any hare brained schemes you need to reality check with Saturn critical thinking, as well as revealing your most beautifully inspired professional dreams, to be manifested with Saturn diligence, right?

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