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Venus in your work sector square Mars in your expansive 9th house, Feb 5th, to begin the month fully aware of your creative potential, in the broadest professional & lifestyle terms.

Especially Venus/Neptune in work sector Feb 15th and Sun/Saturn talent sector Feb 17th. The discipline to be really good at what you do allows you to create inspirational opportunities; to apply yourself to something meaningful. Genuine, fulfilling job satisfaction and a pleasurable lifestyle are the ideal balance, which you seem to have a great handle on this month.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Feb 6th in your social sector; which you adore being such a naturally charming, beautiful social butterfly. Lovely to flit about on the scene, just for fun. And bang-on networking instincts, if you’re hustling your professional schemes in the world?

Especially square Uranus/Destiny Point in your 8th house of financial entanglements: If you’re into finessing some weirdly promising biz deal, you are ideally sharp as a tack. Monetising your creative brilliance is a thing!

Also Uranus/Destiny Point in your 8th house is about sexy/emotional entanglement. Maybe a clue to where your love affair is going, in terms of shared goals & ideals, suddenly reveals itself? Or if single, charging around on the scene reveals a most promising, hot flirtation?

I mean Jupiter in your love/partner sector is beautifully expansive right now. It’s not just about pinning down relationship status/commitment issues etc. You’re more excited about turning one another on, with the freedom to celebrate one another’s personal growth. Uranus in your 8th house agrees; liberated love, with lots of emotional oxygen to grow to your full potential individually & as couple is the new aphrodisiac!

The real commitment is to share a wide open future, full of all sorts of wild & wonderful possibilities; robust enough to deal with the unexpected, right?

Especially Mars finally charging forward in your adventure sector. You adore the confidence to think big and live large. If single the freedom to do so, on your own terms is much appreciated. And as I said, if you have a lover willing to embrace the journey with you; you could totally be in for a good time together.

Then the New Moon of Feb 20th, in your work sector picks up the

Venus/Neptune magic, from the 15th. To the extent you’re cooking up exquisitely inspiring professional/lifestyle schemes; as the most artful sign, you adore the chance to be creative about how to work & live.

So this New Moon is conjunct Saturn in your talent sector. Your professional intentions are precise, with the discipline to finesse your skills accordingly.

Great practice for Saturn in your work from March, for the next few years. Ready to present yourself in the workplace, with savagely efficient capacity to back your own brilliance.

And I tell you what it gets even better, with Pluto in your 5th house of talent, creative fulfilment & play from March till June this year. Then back in your 5th from Feb next year -for the next 20 years! You can feel the buzz of transforming your reality with powerful creative intentions, magical manifesting genius and fun lust for life coming up. Go you!



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