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So your ruler Venus, in the middle of a rare, extended visit to your home sector from Nov till March has you quite pre-occupied with domestic harmony. Which is really your natural thing, you love to keep things pleasant. And dynamic Mars, turning up this month has you even more determined to get the home scenario right:

-You adore beautifying your environment, and Venus brings out your innate flair for interior design & feng shui, to create a gorgeous living space with a lovely energy. I mean the Libra design aesthetic is a force of nature, I bet your home feels luscious & looks stunning right now. But also do admit you can be a bit of a control freak about it, your choice of colour palette is non-negotiable & woe betide anyone who messes with the décor lol.

-You appreciate the importance of harmonious family dynamics & keeping domestic relationships sweet. And tend to be considerate/diplomatic enough to keep everyone happy as much as possible. But also the iron fist in velvet glove thing; you have particular standards of behaviour you value & prefer others to be just as respectful, right?

Which brings us to the big astro here -Mars/Venus conjunct, in a long, loving embrace until April, and it’s happening in your home sector this month. Mars reveals any conflicts that need to be addressed, Venus reveals the love you share with your tribe and Mercury/Pluto bring volatile/passionate conversations that reveal the true feelings coming up. Which is such a powerful combo to get it right -close, personal relationships matter right now…

So you bond with family/how to get along with co-habs/flatmates or real-estate negotiations, for the sweet sanctuary you desire.

And absolutely time for true romance on home turf!

Quality time with your partner re-ignites the flame, for next level passion & creating the perfect home for your heart together. Or a lover you become more cosy/comfortable with, to reveal more feelings-maybe even ready to shack up together? Or if dating, maybe a hot seduction at home could be promising? Nice one.

Meanwhile the New Moon of Feb 1st is in your play/creative fun/talent sector, so you just want to have a good time doing your thing this month -yes! But also, on taskmaster Saturn you sense that some discipline is required:

Maybe taking the time to finesse the talent, that you are ready to show off on the world? Especially with lucky, expansive Jupiter in your work sector you want to take a risk your revealing your brilliance, to get ahead on the day job; but of course you better be bloody good at it, right?

Or maybe good times with loves ones. Radical Uranus in your intimacy sector is the buzz to cut loose, just because it feels good to be crazy authentic with one another. But square Saturn is a sense of having to get the rules of engagement right first-maybe some interpersonal tensions to get out in the open, and clear the air? And the Full Moon of the 17th in your social sector, to figure out important friendships & networking vibe?

Especially the healer Chiron in your relating sector -this is prime time for the emotional intelligence to keep it real, the better to enjoy pleasurable, quality connection with all your special peeps, know what I mean?

Image: Ten Times Rosie by Rankin and Thomas Wyldeblu


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