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So the New Moon of the 8th in your social sector, conjunct Mercury has your antennae fully tuned into the group dynamic and cultural zeitgeist around you. You are taking a keen interest in current events and exceptionally intuitive about it; so you know what’s up on the scene and loving the mental stimulation of sharing cool ideas & fun with your crew. I mean you are quite the sparkly social butterfly at the best of times & adore your friends, so flitting around sharing good times with your tribe is a natural buzz…

Meanwhile Mars & Venus in your soul sector also remind you to take time to look within. In many ways regenerative stuff like meditation/spiritual practice, creative inspiration & scheming your divine dreams in private recharges your batteries; more so than much charging around forcing particular outcomes just yet.

The better to be fully self-aware, charismatic & gorgeous with your ruler Venus lushing up your sign from Aug 17th-Sept 10th. I mean let’s face it you are a talented spunk; and from mid-month you shine your creative genius, charm & good looks, to inspire others just by being you and keeping interactions diplomatic & sweet.

You will be rocking a much more assertive, dynamic vibe to get serious about getting your way in the world with Mars in Libra from mid Sept, so that’s something to look forward to!

Then the Full Moon of the 22nd, bang on lucky Jupiter in your self-expression sector is just for fun! It’s all about playing with the creative process, to get better at what you do and show it off with shameless self-promotion-cos you know it feels good to shine bright. And quality time, to really enjoy doing whatever you love and having a good time with family, friends and loved ones-because living large & enjoying it, with the people you care about is important right?

Including romance-this Moon is so good for the confidence to love large with your lover, if you have one, for a nice moment of positive passion together. Or if single this could be when swanning around, being your most fabulous true self attracts someone just as cool to flirt it up with.

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