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So Mars in your values sector July 31st till September 15th has you quite certain & forthright about stuff that matters to you, which is an interesting stance in these weird times of divided opinions…

Especially Mercury lingering in your ideas/communication sector Aug 31st till Nov 6th, due to stalling retrograde in October. Which might be timely to pause and reflect on your beliefs a little more deeply, and how you handle dialogues about that, with intelligent mental agility & intellectual repartee huh?

Because the New Moon of Sept 7th, in your values sector has Mars opposite Neptune in your sex/intimacy/shared resources sector and trine Pluto in your work/health sector, as follows:

You might feel that certain peeps you are entangled with are vibing batshit crazy, thank you slippery Neptune. Maybe your tribe/loved ones, or a lover you are trying to bond with doing your head in with confusing emo/bonkers behaviour/misunderstandings dammit.

But also someone special could enchant you with their magical wiles, you have the sexy confidence to reciprocate & Venus in your communication sector brings the sweet talk for next level passion. Wow it may or may not make logical sense but could be romantic thrills -and maybe a deeper understanding of each other even if you don’t agree on certain stuff? I mean Saturn & Jupiter retro in your love sector means your key relationships are ready to grow, by re negotiating what commitment really looks like. And sometimes this means sticking together, by realizing the weird shit you find infuriating about each other is also the point of difference/mutual fascination that magnetised you together in the first place -know what I mean?

Also your values sector is about your financial value; and this New Moon could be fresh inspo about what you are worth with Mars fully geared & ambitious to hustle income accordingly. Especially trine lucrative Pluto in your work sector, this really is primo energy to create a healthy, wealthy & wise paradigm, to fund the life you really want to live rather than just working for the sake of it. Excellent!

Meanwhile Neptune in your sector of financial entanglements could have you negotiating shifty biz negotiations/dumb debt/family money stuff, that requires you to be seriously discriminating. Beware the temptation to force some dodgy deal or be taken advantage of here. But also could be a higher vibration, of unconditional support with your tribe to get each other through right now, which is lovely when it’s approached with integrity. Or maybe some wild biz scheme turns out to be truly promising, if you keep it high end & inspired huh?

By the Full Moon of the 21st in your intimacy/financial entanglements sector; you should be getting clear, confident instincts about how to approach all of the above. Mars in your ideas sector and Venus for caring vibes in your family/home sector say you’re onto it-honour your principles & act accordingly, for best results x

Image: unable to find original credit for this gorgeous picture.


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