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You’ve got to love Venus inspiring your 3rd house of intellect & communication, opposite lucky Jupiter in your visionary 9th house to get the month started…

Sparkly with brilliant ideas, charm and that bravado you do so well, to think big & live large.

Especially the Full Moon of Oct 10th in your 9th house, conjunct the healer Chiron, opposite Venus/Sun in your 3rd house:

Jupiter retrograde reveals any delays in the grand plan, which are only temporarily frustrating, if you have the perseverance to back yourself until Jupiter gets moving from late Nov.

Until then Chiron reveals any chinks in your positive thinking-maybe an all too human fear of failing, if you dare to fly too high chasing your dreams? And the same Leo pride that makes it hard to acknowledge your own anxieties, is your superpower to overcome them; with the magnificent courage to actually feel the fear and embrace your full potential anyway. Know what I mean?

Because Venus quietly, sweetly whispering creative solutions to any problem is such a blessing here. And Venus magnifies your famously suave, charismatic style when it comes to communicating what you’re on about. Finessing any key dialogues, for mutual co-operation this month works a treat.

Also you are flirty as hell right now! If you happen to be single/on the prowl on the dating scene? Venus has you even more desirable than ever, to lure whoever you want into your orbit of attraction.

And Venus trines Saturn retrograde in your love sector. If you are partnered, and maybe dealing with heavy, saturnian frustrations about practical/financial decisions-or maybe drilling down on the quality of commitment between you? Venus is perfect to ameliorate any stress, with sweet conversations to work things out as harmoniously as possible.

Especially Venus exactly trine Mars Oct 18th, for primo romantic bliss. With Mars in your social sector-again, if single/on the dating scene you are so doing right place/right time synchronicity to meet & possibly seduce someone promising? Or if partnered, maybe get out & about together, to have some fun. You are like that power couple, having a good time in the world that only brings you closer together. Nice one.

And with Mars in your social sector for ages this year, networking with your tribe is so energising-which this trine to Venus could have you sorting out some lovely social dialogues. To figure out your niche in the world, as part of whatever scene or cultural zeitgeist turns you on mid month..

Then Venus in your 4th house/domestic sector from Oct 23rd brings your attention to tribe close to home; connection with family, partner and the people you live with.

Because the New Moon, Partial Solar Eclipse of Oct 25th is exactly conjunct Venus in your 4th house. A fresh approach to your personal life, with an exquisitely loving vibe/domestic harmony with all your close loved ones. Especially divine romance with your shacked up lover, this Moon is primo to make quality time together, to remember what you adore about one another/seduce one another anew etc. And if dating, this Moon is primo date night on home turf, to enchant/charm the pants off your crush!

Also beautifully auspicious to finesse the décor/feng shui or even move into a new space, to create a gorgeous, energetically nourishing sanctuary to live in.

Image: Gemma Ward for Nick Knight.


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