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The New Moon of May 1st is such a professionally inspiring way to begin the month:

It’s a Partial Solar Eclipse, conjunct Uranus half way through several years of electrifying your biz sector AND the Destiny Point involved; to awaken quite a profound sense of vocational purpose, actually. This is like the proverbial light-bulb moment, to get excited about opportunities to work towards success that feel genuinely meaningful.

Especially as this Moon syncs moneybags Pluto in your work sector and

Mars in your financial negotiation sector; where Neptune, Jupiter & Venus are also working their magic. So focus on lucrative outcomes is a bonus, the more you follow your higher calling/creative inspo.

I mean do admit you adore the buzz of confident self expression, to show off what you’re good at; and as a bit of a visionary leader type, getting others involved in game-changing initiatives to make the world a better place is even more rewarding. And this New Moon is perfect, to optimise all of the above.

Extra-specially Jupiter into your 9th house of expansive, visionary principles, academia & travel from May 11th, for a year ahead of chasing your wildest dreams. You are thinking big, broad, positive thoughts and not interested in tedious compromise -go you!

And ok, Mercury retrograde from May 12th in your social/networking sector could be pause for thought, about how you deal with communication in the world. I mean as such a natural charmer it’s unusual to feel klunky, but just briefly take the time to finesse what you’re on about mid month? Then Mercury retro into your biz sector from the 23rd, is so worth it to get the details right, with any biz negotiations late May. Then the Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon of the 16th is even more dramatic, to shake up the domestic situation.

With the South Node of past karma/habitual patterns involved, there could be a hell of a lot of emo rising up, to do with family dynamics. Maybe old skeletons come out of the closet, to deal with once & for all- with the emotional intelligence to heal and bond with your tribe, rather than exacerbate old dramas of course.

Or a beautiful family re-union/quality time with special loved ones happens so naturally, feels so easy to share the love.

And current relationships at home, where whoever you live with reveal exactly how they feel, and you are ready to respond authentically to keep it real.

And yes this includes shacked up love/relationship issues:

-Square Saturn in your partner sector loves to clarify the quality of commitment going on, with healthy emotional boundaries to know the rules of engagement going forward in long term, soul-mating terms? Or could be a simple as who does the dishes/pays the bills etc, for practical marital bliss at home?

-Trine Mars/Neptune in your sex/intimacy sector. This is all about the wild, passionate chemistry you share so easily with your lover right now. You could care less about tedious daily chores -too busy making love & sharing emotional secrets, to understand each other more deeply, right??

Image: Cara Delvigne


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