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If you have some crazy moment of career inspo/opportunity/upheaval with the Sun/Uranus in your biz sector May 1st, it becomes clearer by the New Moon of the 12th also in your biz sector:

I mean this New Moon is sparkly new professional intentions, that happen to take full advantage of whatever sudden, changing circumstances Uranus is bringing to your career & life plan.

Your attitude is like bring on radical flux baby …I’m adaptable as fuq & ready to embrace my full potential in the thrill of the unknown. Yay that fab Leo swagger of yours is on the rise, the more you embrace weird & wonderful new possibilities as they present themselves…

Especially in sync with Pluto in your work sector to transform the day job/lifestyle paradigm if necessary, to create a more lucrative AND satisfying quality of life. But do watch Neptune in your money sector here; which could be inspired financial negotiations to manifest coin OR bonkers hare-brained schemes- choose wisely yes?

Meanwhile Jupiter from your partnership sector to your intimacy sector mid-month could take your existing relationship to deeper sexy & emotional mutual understanding, or if single taking a risk on some wild new attraction in the coming year.

Then the Full Moon of the 26th is lovely permission to enjoy your best talent, personal confidence & romantic potential with playful, life affirming fun!

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