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Venus/Mars complete their conjunction in your love/partner sector early March, which was such a big deal last month, conjunct Pluto.

You get to reflect on any revelations, about how you feel about love and relational dynamics you’ve been processing lately. And revealing developments, in your immediate love life you’ve been dealing with. 

Maybe passionate connection has flared up, maybe with devoted commitment in a good way. Maybe power trippy drama has flared up, in a challenging way? 

Either way the New Moon of March 10th helps, in your 8th house of interpersonal entanglement. To be fully emotionally intelligent, about sexy/romantic intimacy as well as family/financial bonds. 

I mean with this Moon in the middle of Saturn and Neptune: 

You are so aware of healthy boundaries, to hold your own in the kind of healthy relationships that allow you to be your true self. As well as swept up in intoxicating romance and mutual, beautiful compassion with your loved ones. This Moon could be the perfect balance of intelligent, clear rules of engagement and the bliss of unconditional love. 

Or even if Saturn has control freaks doing your head in, or Neptune has slippery deception from certain people, doing your head in? Or you’re tempted to play similar games? You get the discipline, to be immaculate about your own quality of commitment with loved ones-the better to call out anyone else’s dodgy behaviour. Know what I mean? 

Venus into your 8th house from March 12th, then Mars from March 23rd as Venus conjuncts Saturn; maybe bring more clarity about the quality of commitment with the people you adore, with the confidence to look after one another. 

It kind of comes back to Pluto throbbing away in the background, in your love sector-for the next 20 years! Plenty of time to phoenix through an increasingly honest, empowering version of the most authentic Leo love life/relational dynamics ever…

Being such a generous, affectionate soul, who gives your all, but also proud enough not to take shizz from anyone. You get this process, of choosing wisely who to share your big old heart with. Because once you devote yourself to connections in your life that matter-romantic/family etc, you need to know that you can love like you mean it! 

Then the Full Moon of March 25th, in your 3rd house of ideas and communication:

First of all is trine Pluto, to feel clear about the conversations going on in your love and relationship life, as we just discussed. 

Also opposite Sun, joining Destiny Point conjunct healer Chiron, and Mercury in your expansive 9th house. For inspiration about your broader life plan, aligning with whatever sense of personal purpose is calling your name right now. Maybe finessing whatever schemes & dreams already in play, with permission to believe in successful outcomes? Maybe some new adventure calling your name, with permission to embrace the great unknown, of this promising new chapter in your life?

Maybe, with Jupiter/Uranus in your brilliant career sector, some exciting professional growth to get excited about? 

And worth noting, clever Mercury sparking up your 9th house till May 15th, what with retrograde backward and forwards from April 3rd. Plenty of time to wrangle with the details, as you figure out what kind of meaningful new experiences and personal growth, you are ready to embrace here? 

Image: Janet Fischietto


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