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So Mars in your 11th house/social sector has been keeping you busy for the last several months. Supremely energised by tuning into the cultural zeitgeist around you, figuring out your niche in the world and the buzz of feeling connected with your tribe.

Maybe in the broadest socio-political sense, in these turbulent times we are all figuring out our take on what the fuq is going on? Maybe networking skills, for shameless self promotion to shine professionally? Maybe having fun with close friends-because your best, supportive mates matter? In any case flitting about on the scene, showing off your natural charisma as you get amongst it feels good!

And March is the completion of this cycle, to experience yourself in the context of public life.

And be ready for Mars in your hidden soul sector from March 25th, when it could be a relief to finally vibe introverted for a few months. A bit of privacy to look within, replenishing your own shamanic & creative mojo for a while.

And just on the New Moon of March 22nd, in your expansive 9th house. Conjunct Mercury and with Jupiter/Chiron conjunct; for clever, profoundly positive motivation to live large in a meaningful way. To the extent your big, idealistic dreams are revealed here, it’s handy to have Mars energising your visionary inspiration in the background, right?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of March 7th, in your 2nd house of material security keeps it practical:

I mean this Moon trines Uranus in your biz sector, so you are entertaining your most radical professional scenarios. Perfect to shine your most innovative genius in the world, with that unique flair of yours. With bang on, fab financial instincts to make good coin as you go.

And ok, to the extent this can be tempting to indulge hare brained schemes; because you’re too restless to figure out the details? Especially opposite Sun conjunct slippery Neptune in your 8th house of financial/biz entanglements-to keep an eye on dodgy characters you may be trying to do business with?

Luckily, Saturn joins Mercury in your 8th house March 7th, bang on this Moon. To stay sharp, with a fiercely pragmatic attitude to make any genuinely inspiring biz negotiations work, for real.

Which leads to the other big astro of March, to do with the Leo love life:

Saturn in your 7th house, partner sector for the last few years has been a cautious vibe. Maybe not charging in and out of love, so much as considering healthy boundaries, and practical compatibility. For healthy relationship skills with your special someone. Or if single taking the time to meet someone genuine, more so than chasing crazy crushes?

So Saturn into your 8th house from March 7th, for the next few years is all about drilling down on the meaning of genuine, sustainable commitment. Taking the time to cultivate healthy, long term devotion is the bomb, if you’re lucky enough to have someone equally patient, loving you back?

Then the really big news is Pluto in your 7th house, from March 23rd.

Suddenly your love vibe is transformed with powerful, passionate gut instincts about who you really, deeply care about. With the courage to risk next level vulnerability on loving like you mean it. Sexy chemistry, game-changing soulmate connection and mutually empowering devotion feels like something you can believe in. And this is a thing, to explore your capacity for big love for the next 20 years.

Ok there could be big, karmic changes along the way. Significant endings, beginning or transformative growth with your partner. Karmic

synchronicity in terms of meeting/connecting more deeply with significant lovers, it’s a powerful relationship learning curve coming up!

Image: Verushka by Irving Penn, for Vogue Paris.


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