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Repeat after me: Solid, supportive, healthy relationships give me the freedom to innovate my career & thrive more freely in the world. No need for tension between the obligations of my personal life vs my professional imperatives-they go hand in hand. Now read it again and think about that for a good time!

Good, so now we’ve dispensed with the perceived drama of Saturn square Uranus this month:

Yes Saturn brings up commitment issues with someone special, to do the work to cultivate a promising relationship/demanding expectations from someone needy, where you draw clear boundaries/or feeling needy yourself about single life or if someone is actually available or not? And you will deal with this reality check one-way or the other. And yes Uranus in your biz sector has you all fired up, hungry as hell to make crazy, wonderful new opportunities happen in your brilliant career –and give your all to creating a fab new professional paradigm, more so than what time you will actually be home for dinner tonight?

You need to deal with both of these things at the same time, they are both equally important & you don’t have to choose one over the other right? Right.

Also because the New Moon of the 13th, in your 8th house has a stunning, inspiring Venus/Neptune conjunction as follows:

The 8th rules sexual & emotional intimacy. And romantic Venus on magical Neptune is that exquisite fine line between rapturous soulmate connection/beautiful vulnerability and crazy misunderstandings or crush/delusional fantasy. Exploring the subtle dynamics going on with your current love scenario could be tricky but also profoundly rewarding if it’s the real thing hmmm?

The 8th also rules biz & financial entanglements. The sheer creative force of Venus could bring spooky, promising opportunities to monetise your natural, genius talent-yes. But also you have a keen eye on any sleazy hucksters trying to take advantage –best keep an eye on the fine print & keep it real huh?

Meanwhile Mars in your social sector from March 4th is permission to enjoy the simple pleasure of being out & about and having a good time with your friends & tribe -just because fun is important. Also Mars on the Destiny Point by the 26th is where you suddenly get to show off your brilliance in the world to best effect!

Image: unable to figure out original credit for this cool pic -is it Sienna Miller?


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