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The Mercury retrograde this month has weird social faux pas going on in the scene you’re in, with all sorts of conflicting opinions flying around and do admit you like to speak your mind! So you want to watch that, but actually it’s great to hang out with friends you disagree with just as much as like-minded crew, to keep an open mind & mental stimulation…

And the Solar Eclipse of the 10th bang on Mercury could be really inspiring to get a new angle on your tribe, and how to be your true self in it. I mean Venus in your soul sector has you pretty clear about your deeply held values, so you want to be able to stay aligned with some kind of spiritual integrity in the world more so than faking it cos status anxiety or whatever, know what I mean?

Which is also relevant for the Full Moon of the 25th in your work sector syncing Jupiter retro in your biz/finance sector just as Mercury turns direct; where you know what goals you’re working towards and kind of reticent to compromise yourself for anything less just because money etc. A great time to stick to your guns, and nail a genuinely fulfilling sense of purpose in the world.

Especially Mars in Leo from June 11th-July 29th, you are pretty spunky, energised and fired up to not only express your truth but also act accordingly. Yay go you-an unstoppable force or nature who knows what you want & knows how to get it!

And of course sexy Mars vibes are great for the Leo love life. You are yearning for a hotter, passionate, meaningful connection (especially Venus doing soulmate dreaming) and at the top of your seduction game to make it happen. You could even be embracing true love by the time Venus catches up with Mars mid-July!

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