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Mars in your biz sector, from July 5th fires up your ferocious ambition. You are suddenly so motivated to make your mark upon the world; maybe getting a handle on your meaningful sense of professional purpose, or just feels good to swan around finally getting attention for the brilliant, natural talent that you are?

And Mars/Destiny Point/Uranus by Aug 1st works a treat, to realise certain vocational dreams, so that’s something to look forward to…

And the Full Moon of July 14th in your work sector is on powerhouse, lucrative Pluto. Which makes your desire to enjoy a sense of accomplishment & make good coin as you go a primal drive to succeed;

even if this means transforming/nailing any power dynamics on the day-job accordingly, right?

And I’ve got to tell you the best way to do this is listen to your body; because an empowering health regime/healthy lifestyle is how you get the physical & mental vitality to go forth and thrive, of course.

Meanwhile poor old Saturn in your love sector is caught between Neptune in your sex/intimacy sector and Pluto in your work sector.

So you are valiantly trying to get the rules of engagement right, in terms of healthy relationship boundaries. Especially Pluto insisting you focus life force on personal achievement, rather than be distracted by love stuff. But Neptune is a siren song to lose yourself in intoxicating sexual/emotional connection-because yes it can be so exquisitely exciting right now-but also slippery & confusing as fuq if not careful??

So yes the Leo love life is quite the balancing act this month; between wild, passionate abandon for true, beautiful romance (which you adore) and holding your own; to ensure you stay emotionally sane and keep practical scenarios on track as you go, let alone avoid delusional crushes etc.

Also Neptune has shared resources/financial/biz entanglements tricky as fuq. Which luckily you are acutely aware of any details you need to get right, to keep it clean and above board; thanks to moneybags Pluto looking after your optimum earning scenarios at work. Nice one.

Then Venus on Lilith in your soul sector has you interrogating yourself-if you happen to be holding onto old, bitching attitudes about certain love issues; maybe time to be releasing that shizz in an empowering way, to be at peace within yourself?

Especially the Leo New Moon of July 29th. Trine positive Jupiter in your adventure sector, you crave the freedom to chase your individual dreams, which is totally fabulous of course.

But to the extent this has you vibing impatient with certain people who seem to be cramping your style? Caring Ceres in your sign, just in time for this Moon reminds you that healthy, loving relationships are such an important part of your personal growth, of course.

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