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Well with Mars and Venus in Leo for July; you’re so gorgeous, talented, charismatic and it feels like primo time to charge forward, full of spectacular confidence & lust for life. Yay, shiny Leo season vibes coming early this year!

But then again, Mars opposite Saturn retro July 1st then Venus opposite Saturn July 7th could, maybe feel like certain people, relational dynamics or external expectations cramping your style early July? In fact with so many planets stalling retrograde this month, you could be forgiven for feeling kind of frustrated with the general momentum of the world slowing down just when you’re rearing to go…

The New Moon of the 10th in your soul sector helps, to identify less with outside pressures or delays and more tuning into the brilliant inspo rising up within you-you are so ready to embrace the unstoppable, creative force of nature that you are right now, no matter what. Especially with this Moon syncing Pluto in in your work/lifestyle sector & Uranus in your career sector; to get real about how gutsy discipline can reveal your options at warp speed mid-month, to get on with manifesting your clear intentions in the world.

Then it’s all about Mars/Venus, out of the clutches of dreary Saturn relationship issues and exactly conjunct by the 14th to light up your love life! This is primo Leo romance action. Your famous charm & seductive prowess are on point, magical chemistry happens when least expected, you find it so easy to get along with your main squeeze or meet someone promising if on the prowl- and suddenly it’s so easy to love large, like you mean it. You adore this chance to share that generous passion & romantic idealism that comes so naturally to you, of course.

Especially by the Full Moon of the 24th in your love sector, with Venus & Mars still entangled opposite lucky Jupiter retro between your sex/intimacy & love sectors… feels like Leo mating season. It’s all about shining your light, with the Sun fresh in Leo and allowing special people into your golden, radiant warmth to love each other up with real affection & as much unconditional acceptance of each other’s needs as possible. How gorgeous x

Image: Vogue Italia,Naomi Campbell by Andrew MacPherson

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