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Well you’ve gotta love the New Moon of Dec 4th, a cracker Total Solar Eclipse in your home turf; the 5th house of talent, playful creative confidence and fun!

Especially with clever Mercury bang on this Moon, then Mars firepower from the 14th you are bursting with brilliant ideas & simply busting to express your genius in the world -even more than usual. I mean do admit you are a natural, flamboyant raconteur, love to show off & broadcast your point of view, right? And being so charismatic you do tend to attract a rapt audience. So this Moon is wonderful for the communicative Leo, sharing your thoughts & feelings with your crew; for better relationships & connection on the social scene.

And also just for a good time, doing stuff that turns you on with the people you enjoy hanging out with, just because quality of life matters, and it feels good to be alive.

Which brings us to Venus in an extended visit of your 6th house of work & healthy lifestyle, from Nov till March. So inspiring to come to terms with beautiful self care, to lush up your optimum wellbeing. The better to bring as much of your natural talent to your day job as possible. Not so much a gruelling work ethic, as being so good at what you do you shine, and flourish just because everyone wants to do business with you. You adore this of course, it’s your natural thing!

So a sweet, dolce vita lifestyle is so your style right now. Yes it’s a beautiful thing to live well, and enjoy life-affirming pleasures every day. But of course this can also exacerbate any tendency to over-indulgence, so you want to watch excessive appetites huh?

And Venus exactly conjunct Pluto, in your 6th house all month is so good, for sexy, empowering astro to keep it real:

-health wise you’re actually ready for a detox -to become super clear about ditching any toxic habits, the better to focus on cultivating maximum, spunky physical vitality. If you listen to the innate intelligence of what your body wants right now, you could be feeling so sparkly fabulous in your skin.

-work wise you tune into seriously lucrative strategies, to hustle coin doing whatever you enjoy, without compromising your professional integrity. Such fab, determined energy to thrive on your own terms.

And the Leo love life? Mars in your 5th house of romance is all about playing with delicious, flirty fun with your lover/partner, or if single charming a new contender towards you for the thrill of it. And Saturn in your partner sector drills down on commitment issues, and how realistic your current relationship paradigm is? It’s actually a great way to ground any attraction going on, to figure out where you want it to go, huh?

Image: Debby Harry

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