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So I guess we should start with the Total Solar Eclipse of the 15th in your home turf –the 5th house of playful fun, romance, good times with your loved ones, creative expression & confidence to shine your light in the world.

This is like your favourite New Moon every year, and being such a powerful Eclipse this time is super potent to tune up that beautiful, life- affirming, natural self-assurance of yours…

Especially with Mercury involved for the golden gift of the gab to communicate more effectively with sparkling repartee. And Venus turning up from the 16th brings up your talent, flair, creative genius & the charismatic moxy to promote it; as well as the charm to bond/spend quality time with your loved ones & tribe -and maybe romantic chemistry to enjoy with your special someone.

Yay-so December is meant to be fun!! It’s all about the magnificent Leo vibe of sweet, dolce vita living, really enjoying the simple pleasures in life & also spreading your brilliance around whilst you do it. Feels so good to be you, and fully alive right now!

And ok meanwhile you do have Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn in your day job sector early Dec, to finesse the work ethic you’ve been banging away at for the last few years in whatever gig you do. Especially with maverick Uranus & rebellious Lilith hooking up in your biz sector; you’ve got some game changing, cool astro action to shit stir & inspire your professional realm this month –and you want to pay attention to any cool opportunities to work your professional magic right?

Because then you have Saturn & Jupiter into your relationship sector from the 20th –to get ready for a few years ahead to really focus on the Leo love life. It’s actually a fab combination of:

Jupiter for the next 12 months to open up your heart & embrace your most expansive plans you want to share with your partner, to move the relationship forward nicely. Or of single, enjoy the freedom of doing your own thing –and also get ready to take a risk on a new love affair with someone wildly promising whenever they turn up.

And Saturn for the next 2.5 years to get your head around the meaning of commitment, genuine compatibility & the kind of devotion you can do the emotional work to stick around & walk your talk on. Good, so Leo mating season is about to get real & worth your while, one way or the other.

Image: Kosa by Decker Kutic


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