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So with Venus lingering in Leo for an extended visit from June till October-your natural glamour, talent and affectionate, loyal love magic are in full force. To help inspire the rest of us, as you creatively manifest your life and love with the stylish flair you do so well. You love this time to shine!

Yes, and meanwhile Venus temporarily retro throughout August-Leo season. This month you navigate any thwarted creative momentum, or romantic misunderstandings with as much stylish equanimity as possible, right? Especially with Venus conjunct Bitch Lilith in your sign; to come to terms with your own unique way to express yourself-no matter how raw & radical!

A valuable chance to finesse the creative process, with an honest appraisal of your strengths & weaknesses. To keep it real, as you keep getting better at whatever you do.

And how to relate to your loved ones with as much authentic, honest passion as possible. A perfect moment to declare I am what I am -with all my human flaws, that I am working to accept within myself! And of course the trick is reciprocating the acceptance you seek -to also embrace your loved ones, flaws & all with that magnanimous love you are so famous for.

Especially by the Full Moon of Aug 2nd, in your love/partner sector, opposite your incandescent ruler Sun, joining Venus/Lilith in your sign:

The more you shine like the crazy diamond you are, the more you attract & appreciate the crush/lover/partner who gets what you’re on about. Mutual attraction based on intelligent, mutual respect with your special someone -even when it gets tetchy, is your romantic superpower here.

Then the Leo New Moon of August 16th:

Square Uranus in your career sector, to inspire whatever genius vocational plans you’re brewing -the more radical & liberating the better. Especially aspect Pluto, retro in your work/health sector. You get that in order to thrive, you clean up your act by transforming your daily routine & work ethic in a healthy way. Thus do you feel an internal locus of power, because you are capable of creating your own life based on clear intentions and right action.

Even of that means interrogating your own decisions & habits, and making any necessary changes, hmmm?

And aspect Mercury/Mars in your security sector. Clever strategies to make money doing what you do, with the motivation to back it up.

Of course with Mars opposite slippery Neptune in your 8th house of financial entanglements/people you do biz with, clear boundaries work a treat. You may be inspired by a partnership that helps you dream up positive outcomes-fab! Or you may be dealing with some dodgy scammer, or even tempted to vibe a little sneaky yourself? It pays to tell the difference, with a discerning eye to practical collaborations, of course.

Same goes for love/family dynamics. You take responsibility for behaving with a conscious, positive attitude. The better to recognise the personal relationships that support and inspire your bliss, as well as the weirdos that bring out your worst tendencies. Know what I mean?

I mean Bitch Lilith in Leo is all about owning your unique personal integrity, with a fuq-off attitude to anyone attempting to compromise your truth. And equally, full respect to the people who support and accept who you really are -even when they don’t fully understand what the hell you’re on about! Mutual respect goes both ways, right?

Image: unable to find original credit , for this truly gorgeous picture.

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