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So your annual Leo New Moon of August 8th is a moment of emotional clarity, to figure out what’s important to you right now. And conjunct Mercury opposite Jupiter brings intelligent, keen instincts to play with those big, confident creative schemes & dreams you do so well.

Especially square Uranus in your biz sector & trine Chiron awakening any as-yet unrealised dreams you still want to chase -chances are your professional plans are pretty wild. You’re not playing safe so much as taking a calculated risk on weird, inspiring opportunities that actually turn you on.

I mean you might as well be in maverick mode, as Uranus retrograde from the 22nd could bring unexpected, game-changing scenarios in your world that require adaptability; so better to be ahead of the game and ready to manoeuvre accordingly huh? Also Venus in your income sector trine Pluto in your work sector could be potentially quite lucrative, if you get it right.

And Mercury opposite lucky Jupiter in your love sector is nice for suave, flirty moves or sweet talking your partner with that gorgeous, natural charm of yours. Which gets even better with the Full Moon of the 22nd in your love sector actually conjunct Jupiter. The force is strong with your most confident romantic action, open hearted affection & loving large with your inimitable passion. I mean Jupiter is retrograde, so not so much forced commitment/squabbling over the rules of engagement as free-spirited soul mating, for plenty of emotional oxygen to be your true selves with one another. Lovely, looks like Leo mating season!

Meanwhile Mercury/Mars in your income sector trine Uranus in your biz sector mid-month is a clever angle, to energise AND monetise fab Leo ambition to best advantage.

Image: Dolores-Del-Rio


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