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So Uranus square Saturn highlights any tensions between your personal goals & interpersonal dynamic as follows:

Saturn has you playing a straight game when it comes to key relationships. You honour commitment, respect & emotional security, to keep things harmonious as much as possible. You get that solid ground rules are the best way to foster mutual trust, and let lucky Jupiter, also in your partnership sector bring healthy, expansive growth with loved ones. And if single you have clear boundaries about who you potentially let in-you’re looking for integrity & shared values, for long term potential rather than crazy flings.

Uranus in your biz sector is a rebellious, maverick vibe to do your own thing on your own terms professionally. At work you value autonomy, flexible hours & opportunities to explore your weird & wonderful genius doing something interesting, as opposed to playing the game just for the sake of boring job security. You’re not scared to take a calculated risk on meaningful accomplishment, or at least exciting stimulation to turn you on; and you deeply resent authority, or anyone trying on power trips to keep you in line –aint gonna happen!

You need space to breathe & pursue individualistic success; including a short fuse with peeps in your personal life hassling you with needy demands just when you are rocking your brilliance in the world. So yeah, your centre of gravity is real, genuine connection with loved ones, but also kind of impatient when that infringes on your personal freedom. Quite the balancing act huh?

The New Moon of the 12th in your vision sector has you restless to chase your wildest dreams. And Venus square Pluto in your work sector brings creative solutions, to make your day job a more exciting gig, which is handy. And Mars in your social sector is an energetic buzz to be out & about on the scene networking, hustling your fab plans in the world & good times with your tribe, because friends matter. And Venus says you would love someone just as inspired, to join you as partner in crime on a romantic adventure whilst you’re at it…

So Mid April is super stimulating –with so much going on in all areas of life to juggle as best you can.

Then the Full Moon of the 27th is in your domestic sector, just as Mars retreats into your soul sector. A nice moment to enjoy the sanctuary of home, family & the ties that bind, to replenish your emotional wellbeing.

Image: Cara Delevingne for TAG Heuer, by David Yarrow

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