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Leo Full Moon, exact 3.53am, Jan 26th AEDT.

Full Moons tend to be rising up of whatever emo has been brewing lately, and I tell you what, this one is potent:

I mean Leo feelings are pretty extravagant at the best of times, lol. We love dramatic passions, affectionate romance and generous declarations of love, with Leo energy in play. And we tend to be quite genuine with all our loved ones, romantic or platonic/family. As much as Leo can put on a show about expressing feelings, it comes from a place of real loyalty.

And we need to talk about the Sun in Aquarius, having recently escorted Pluto into a game-changing tour of Aquarius; as Sun is still conjunct Pluto as they reflect this Leo Full Moon. Pluto driven Moons are volatile as fuq, at the best of times! Especially Pluto in such strong form, switching signs into electrifying Aqua. Radical honesty happens, ready or not...

Revealing any deep, dark, complex issues lurking under the surface.

Revealing our most courageous emotional vulnerability, to express authentic feelings.

Revealing our courageous, creative self-expression to radiate our truth in the world.

We are all so charismatic, as we dig deep in this moment of personal & collective transformation. To turn one another on. Ideally we embrace the big passions, for next level exciting connection in our relationships. And cheer each other on to rise up singing, on our individual journeys.

Much better than being drama queens, bitching about whoever is triggering our demons as a way of avoiding personal responsibility. Obviously that would be a wasted opportunity, know what I mean?

Especially this Moon exactly quintile Saturn, all about making sense of emotional chaos. Getting our act together, with a bit of elegant discipline works a treat.

Happy Leo Full Moon folks, let's be magnificent and love one another, with big Lionhearted courage x

Image: unable to find original credit, for this fabulous picture.

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