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Happy New Year folks! Let's make 2021 a year of positive growth, health, wealth, wisdom & freedom for all.

The January horoscopes are up here to get us started.

We have the incandescent Jupiter/Saturn conjunction moving into Aquarius, to officially sing in the brilliant, liberated, coming together of humanity & universal love that is the Age of Aquarius.

And just when we thought we could calm down after Mars firing up our tempers in Aries for ages, finally in (apparently) relaxed Taurus, we get electrifying Mars/Uranus around the 21st to blow our assumptions out of the water. I know, right? It's volatile as fuq but actually fab for real, tangible magical manifestation right now, if we stay on our toes. Get ready to stay wild & switched on this month!

This looks like a year of clear intentions & fast tracked evolution, so it pays to set some particularly lucid, emotionally congruent New Years Resolutions. Things could get even weirder in a wonderful, visionary way or a bonkers dystopia way; so lets dream our best dreams & choose wisely huh??

More astro for Jan, with details for your sign with the monthly scopes. Happy January everyone x

Also for more detailed guidance, with instant, personalised mini tarot readings; download my Gypy Queen Tarot Oracle app here. Free download for ios & android. It's been lovingly written by me, with as much punchy accuracy & insight as possible -check it out!


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