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Gemini New Moon, exact 2.37pm, June 18th AEST. To the extent New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, in Gemini we have such a kaleidoscopic range of feelings to deal with.

We can be scatty, complex and tempted to play all sorts of headfuq games with ourselves and one another. Because in a sense we are too intellectually clever for our own emotional intelligence to keep up with. With brilliant insights into our situation-but are we able to actually feel our feelings, and be present enough in our relationships, to actually communicate them clearly?

Because ideally this Moon can be so genius, to consider all sides of our situation; and deal with the duality by allowing ourselves to experience all of our multifaceted instincts & emotions. With nuanced, emotionally congruent conversations with our loved ones. Subtle insights abound, with sparkling clarity if we can handle the paradox of our existence in these crazy times. Know what I mean?

Especially this Moon aspect Pluto/Neptune/Uranus-all the transpersonal planets in alignment. As we seek to understand the complexity of our personal lives & relationship dynamics, with as much emotional intelligence as possible -it's so easy to be distracted by the white noise of dystopia/the weird world around us? But rather than being triggered by this; we somehow understand there is a larger awakening, collective evolution that we are all part of. The better to find our emotional centre, in the eye of whatever storm is raging around our personal, social or collective situation.

And ok, the witty, insouciant elan to have fun with it all! Gemini energy is a delightfully playful energy, to enjoy each moment. As much as we are all struggling to transform, like to caterpillar in the chrysalis-once the butterfly emerges she is all about flitting about being gorgeous, with sweet curiosity about the world...

Happy Gemini New Moon folks x


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