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The New Moon of April 1st is always fresh intuition/emotional intelligence, and this one in your soul sector; so attuned to sensitive frequencies and a finer, subtle spiritual perspective on whatever’s going on.

AND a partial Solar Eclipse AND conjunct radical Uranus, to intensify how game-changing any new perspectives coming up are, for your psyche. You get pattern recognition, about any deeper issues coming up as well as electrified by an inspiring new sense of what’s possible.

Also syncing Mars in your biz sector, to action your new sense of purpose in professional terms. You don’t have to force this one -just being your natural self is enough, to connect with the right opportunities. And Venus into your social sector from the 3rd to connect with the right people, networking wise.

So yes, you are super switched on to begin the month ahead:

Then Jupiter, joining Venus in your social sector from the 11th is glorious confidence to do that fab, social butterfly/networking thing you do so well. You adore being surrounded by interesting people, hustling connections/the buzz of sharing cool ideas. And Jupiter emphasises positive values that you want to inspire the world with, to feel connected with good friends/like-minded community/cultural zeitgeist in a meaningful way. Yes!

And ok, then your ruler Mercury, retrograde in Gemini from the 12th is also a chance to finesse your attitude. I mean as the most eloquent charmer of all, is extremely rare to be verbally klunky-just aint your style. But what with the weird & wonderful ideas you are processing, will need to be more clever than ever to express yourself without faux pas/tricky misunderstandings hmmm?

Then we have the Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon of the 16th in your work sector-it’s high-functioning flake time!

On your South Node of innate skills you have fully developed, trine wildly inspiring Mars/Neptune in your career sector & opposite maverick Uranus; you are ready to rock your supremely talented weirdo vibe. Being damn good at what you do, with the confidence to take it next level, even if that means taking an intelligent risk on following a higher vocational calling…

Could be spooky-perfect professional opportunities, that just feel so right, and you go for it with the thrill of the great unknown…

Or sussing out dodgy success scenarios, with the intelligence to take your time and figure out a better way to get ahead -because your standards are that high right now.

Meanwhile love? Venus on the healer Chiron mid month is where you bond with your lover by being good friends with one another, and having each others back no matter what; I mean unconditional support and accepting who one another are can be more romantic than it sounds, know what I mean? Or if single, a special friend could suddenly reveal attraction based on deep emotional intimacy…

Image: Starchild Tarot


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