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Your ruler Mercury, turning direct from Jan 1st is lovely timing, to begin 2024 with a fresh sense of clarity. To release any confusion from Mercury retro lately and harness new perspectives you’ve been playing with; to move forward with your clever mind & silver tongue on point, in all areas of life. And Jupiter direct in your soul sector from Jan 1st, Connection to an inner source of joy & spiritual meaning, infuses your best instincts in the world. Nice one.


Also Mercury activates in your 7th house/partner sector-so let’s talk abut the emphasis on relationships right now. Mercury direct conjunct Ceres & Mars, just as Venus joins them in the 7th. As someone so clued into the necessity of effective communication skills, for intelligent relational dynamics-this is perfect:

Your love life is lit, with Venus for sweet romance, Ceres to genuinely care about one another and Mars for sexy passion-as well as healthy ways to handle conflict/jealousy etc, if it does come up. So chances are, Gemini is a love machine right now-feeling so connected with your lover/partner, or attracting lots of interest if single/on the dating scene. It’s mating season.  And the point is you get to talk about it! I mean do admit that verbalising feelings is basically your emotional oxygen, right?

Whether deep & meaningful conversations/whispering sweet nothings with your special someone, the verbal sparring of thrashing out tricky issues or complex/playful/flirty come-ons with a crush? This is your area of expertise, obviously.

And beyond romance, the same applies to all key relationships in your life, with people who matter to you. The value of talking it through.


Then Mars into your 8th house of deep, vulnerable emotional intimacy, sexy passion and financial biz/family entanglements, from Jan 5th ups the ante. Beyond talking the talk, Mars is the courage required to get real about it. Coming to terms with your desire nature, and the wisdom or otherwise of any smoking hot chemistry right now. Maybe hot sex leads to love or love leads to deeper intimacy, maybe you work any issues out in the bedroom-but the feelings better be real? Maybe sudden, volatile conflict where you have to hold your own? Even non romantic situations-power dynamics need to be dealt with, with as much care as possible?


Cue the New Moon of Jan 11th, in your 8th house with sexy Mars and sexy, transformative Pluto involved. Ideally a light bulb moment, trine Uranus in your intuitive soul sector-to suddenly get where each other are at. A lovely moment of clear communion, especially Venus/Ceres in your 7th house -sweet, heartfelt romance feels so nourishing. Or even if drama rises up, ideally handle any make-ups/break ups with as much empathy as possible?


So we have to talk about Pluto; churning through your 7th and 8th houses, of partnership, love & intimacy since 1996. You’ve been on quite the game-changing learning curve, about relational dynamics, for the longest time! So Pluto out of your 8th from Jan 21st is such a relief-finally you have a handle on everything you’ve learned about love for the last 28 years…according to your age, this might have been your whole life?

Then Pluto lingering on the cusp of your expansive 9th house is a tease, preparing full momentum to chase big dreams from Nov 2024-something to totally look forward to…

Because meanwhile, the Full Moon of Jan 26th in your clever ideas/communication sector opposite the Sun escorting Pluto into your 9th house. Your famous mental acumen sparks off like crazy, with so many wonderful schemes & dreams you are just beginning to make sense of, and network about with your crew. How exciting, and plenty of time to get this right…for the next 20 years!

For the moment Saturn in your brilliant career sector helps. To slowly cultivate the right gig for sustainable, long term professional growth.

Image: unable to find original credit, for this cool picture.


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