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So after Pluto transforming your 7th & 8th houses, of love, partnership & intimacy for the last 28 years-a long winded learning curve about relationship dynamics! Your reputation as flighty commitment-phobe is kinda redundant by now; you’ve done the work about honest, vulnerable connection-well done you. For a well-earned sigh of relief, with Pluto finally out of your hair, quitting all the relational drama you’ve been dealing with for so long.

Cue Pluto officially into your expansive 9th house this month, to chase fab new adventures and personal growth for the next 20 years! Feels like a breath of fresh air…

Especially your ruler Mercury conjunct Pluto Feb 6th, to begin the month with the mental stimulus you adore-about whatever visionary genius is about to inform this exciting new stage of your life:


Just in time to join the New Moon of Feb 10th in your 9th house- square radical Uranus in your soul sector. With Saturn disciple & Neptune dreams professionally. A lovely sense of clarity; to align your intentions with spiritual truth and big brazen life/career plans that turn you on-to manifest your most meaningful goals.

As such a cerebral sign, feels good to be honest with yourself, about the ideals driving you forward right now. And as clever communication is like oxygen to you, so important to be impeccable with your word-to be honest with everyone else about it:


Because here’s where it gets interesting. As you release attachment to the more obvious relational dramas, that have been plaguing you for the last several years? The more you feel free to chase your own wildest dreams & brazen life plan. The more all the right people magically show up, to share the journey with you. Viola, soul-path and soulmate dynamics (romantic & otherwise) intersect with perfect synergy… So we need to talk about Venus/Mars dancing around conjunct, all month. Classic astro for harmonious, compatible relationship dynamics:


I mean just as Pluto finally leaves your 8th house, of deep interpersonal entanglement-interesting to have caring Ceres turn up from Feb 8th -joining Venus/Mars conjunct in your 8th house, for the first half of February.

Whatever your love life scenario right now. If you suddenly have lovers or new attractions coming out of the woodwork, to turn you on? Or feel closer to your partner, to renew the passion between you? Feels like a reward for all the work you’ve done; to handle vulnerable intimacy and embrace courageous romance-know what I mean? Whether exciting sex magic/nurturing emotional connection in love. Or family/biz/financial negotiations feeling more harmonious? You’ve earned it, baby!


Then Venus/Mars perfect their conjunction, with Pluto in your 9th house, Feb 22nd. The relationships that turn you on are expansive, geared toward supporting one another’s positive growth. And intelligent-for the intellectual stimulation that is always such a turn on for you. I mean the ultimate Gemini foreplay tends to be verbal repartee, right?


Then Mercury joins Sun and Saturn, in your brilliant career sector from Feb 23rd. Your clever mind switches instantly into professional mode. Any career strategies you come up with here could be so worth getting the details right, for a plan you can stick with long term.


And to keep the work/life balance sweet; the Full Moon of Feb 24th in your home sector opposite Mercury/Sun/Saturn. And trine Ceres in your 8th. You really get the importance of a fulfilling home life & domestic harmony. Because caring for your loving tribe matters, obviously.

And supportive relationships, in a lovely home is your secret superpower here; to help you go forth and thrive in the world.


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