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So the big astro coming up is Venus conjunct Mars, in an extended embrace from early Feb till mid March. So everyone is feeling romantic, and for Gemini, you might like to know it’s happening in your 8th house of sex, passion & emotional intimacy this month -ooh la la!

Because Venus is lingering in your 8th house from Nov till early March, which is way longer than the 3-4 weeks she usually spends here each year; so you are already feeling a deeper capacity for emotional connection than usual right? I mean never mind your reputation as too complex/elusive to pin down- you are quite the alluring, passionate lover right now…

And Mars turning up in your 8th house recently has brought next level libido & sexy confidence, to seduce your lover/crush or some hot new attraction, with the courage to keep it emotionally real.

So yeah, with Venus/Mars hooking up this month the passion, magnetic chemistry & partner magic your are feeling right now is SO likely to be exquisitely mutual.

And your chatty ruler Mercury conjunct sexy Pluto, also in your 8th house brings the kind of revealing pillow talk/deep conversations that bring genuine, empowering vulnerability. You can actually talk about whatever intense feelings are coming up, oh my goodness as such a verbal/communicative creature you adore this!

Of course this astro can also trigger tetchy, volatile issues that you didn’t know you were ready for; in love AND biz/family/financial entanglements. This part of the chart can be reactive on a primal, emo level, so not so much skimming over problematic dramas; it’s the ability to talk it over and find intelligent, ideally win-win resolution -know what I mean?

Because the New Moon of Feb 1st is in your adventure sector of personal freedom, so you’re ready to chase your wildest dreams-yes! But with Saturn, you first have to make peace with your obligations/commitments to other people, right?

And Jupiter in your career sector-you want the freedom to thrive professionally on your own terms. Yes you are so likely to be looking at big, fabulous opportunities to do so.

Image: Dolly Sisters, vintage pic.


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