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So with your ruler Mercury in ‘storm phase’, turning retrograde on Feb 1st you know you’re in for a tricky month huh?

I mean in your vision sector, the retro fuqery is not so much in the usual fine details/exploding tech devices etc; as re-working the broader life plan, with permission to change your mind about everything. So as much as you might feel a bit discombobulated as you basically question your life purpose, it’s actually a fab chance to come up with a fresh perspective…

And Mercury on the New Moon of the 12th is particularly focused on cool ways to re-work/salvage the plan, just as it seems to be going to hell in a hand basket. I mean check out the state of the world –innovation & alacrity is the only way forward in weird times, and you are so onto it.

Especially with the spectacular Venus/Jupiter conjunction on this Moon. The force is strong with your adventurous lust for life & how to positively visualise what you want, with the confidence & creative genius to get out there & make it happen. Clear intentions are powerful here; to the degree you are wildly open minded about how they manifest & ready to jump on unusual, unexpected opportunities to get outside your comfort zone & have fun with crazy change vibes!

Then the Venus/Mars trine of the 20th has you wondering about who you share the journey with. I mean on one hand there could be big, exciting, emotionally generous love going on, and you both feel it. But also one of you could be holding their romantic cards close to their chest, or just hiding out doing inner, spiritual reflection for the moment. Is this you or your lover vibing enigmatic, I wonder? It’s ok either way; chances are the romance will find its flow, especially when Mars in Gemini fires up your sexy seduction vibe from early March.

Then Mercury direct from the 21st clarifies the life plan somewhat, which luckily picks up pace just in time for Venus to inspire your talent & professional charisma in your biz sector, with the New Moon of the 25th.

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